Flash Bang Friday Backblast 5-31-19: Amazon Prime is “Anti Sting”

(24) PAX  showed up to celebrate the College Baseball Regional Playoffs (Carolina, ECU, Clemson, UNC, etc…).

espn baseball GIF

Epstein, Duvet, Crankbait, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Water Wings, Bambi, Sludge, Boones Farm, Fudd, Wham-O, Lambeau, Slice and Dice, Flounder, Fortran, Red Hot, Crawdaddy, Tarde, Kay, Mulligan, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Flounder, Q (Far Side).

Warmo – SSH x 12

Mosey to road for Monkey Humpers.

Thang: Mosey to school entrance. Abe Vigodas X 11, Frankensteins X 10 (love Sludge’s style), Cotton Pickers X 9, Copperhead Squats x 8, Hillbillies X 7, Merkins X 6, Wide Merkins X 5, Fingertip Push Ups x 4, Burpees X 3, Bobby Hurly’s x 2, and BH X 1.

Mosey to benches: False start on partnering up. Enough bench strength for all. Step ups and dips counting down from (12). Lunges to FAR YELLOW LINE! Run back x 2. High knees to FAR YELLOW LINE! x 2. Mosey to track. Now we “Really partner up”. Thanks Lucky for your support…finally! Alternate Laps and Elbow Planks, WWI Sit ups and Bobby Hurley’s.

Mosey to hill. (5) short hill climbs. Mosey to Far Side Memorial Tennis Courts. Partner Suicides, and Walls Sits. R x R.

Then the fun started: Amazon Prime “stuck it to the man (Q)” by moving all Sting and Police recordings to Amazon Unlimited. Alexa, how do you say “What the “H” “E” “Double Hockey Sticks!?” Q breaks out the 1980 Live Aid instrumental version of Roxanne. Already noted by Craw Daddy… approximately 22 long. Lots of chatter…Q modifies and makes note to sue Amazon. Note: You can”t sue F3, but bring it on Jeff Bezos!

amazon part GIF

MOM: Cindy Crawfords, Flutter Kicks, Crunchy Frogs?, Nolan Ryan’s, American Hammers.

Toto move on Saturday after workout. No APPLIANCES! CPR training weeknights. See Mulligan for CPR practice.

Prayers for Crankbait’s friend, David. Birthday Burpees and HORRIBLE singing for Bambi.

Kay took us out. My honor gentlemen!

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