2019-05-29 Ivey Redmond Backblast – F3 Fashion Redefined…

Nine Pax: Radar, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Crawdaddy, Crankbait, Duvet, Shear Conn, Shutterfly, Dean (QIC) came out to see the greatest thing in fashion since Gilmore literally wore a cat around his neck one winter morning. Everything changed today when Radar one upped himself. Normally, a wearer of odd Vibram five finger shoes….Radar took it to the next level by wearing thong sandals that would make Stormy Daniels blush…

Image result for cat around neck
Gilmore’s Famous Outfit
Radar’s Amazing Thong

The Pax Admiring Radar’s Thong. As you can see Crawdaddy feeling the heat coming from those thongs..

After the group foot fetish ended, we headed to the park entrance for WOR of:

Slow Abes

Seam Rippers

Frankenstein’s (For Lucky)

Hill Billies

And Some stretching

Then Thang #1 – Run (2) Lights then lunge (1) light…After realizing the ridiculousness of this, YHC modified to run (2) lights and lunge (5) each leg…much better…We then turned around and did run (2) lights and (5) Bobby hurleys.

After enough of that, Thang #2. Indian run to concession building for 20x step-ups and 20x dips. then to other concession stand for same, then back to first concession stand. So (3) total sets.

Then Thang #3 – Suicides at parking lot lines with 10 LBC at turning points.

Then Filler because we finished early consisted of pull-ups, more step-ups, running some stairs, and some dips.

Then back for Mary’s of Homer/marge, LBC, Dying Cockroaches, Cindys, and Hammers..

Random Musings:

Image result for race gif
Shear Conn in Black here leading the way all morning…well done Soul Mate!
Image result for hate running gif
Crankbait and Duvet Pre-workout philosophy on running was noted…Well done in coming to a running heavy workout anyway! I know deep down it’s because you love the Q
Image result for nice try gif
Crawdaddy Post Workout – Direct at Q

Announcements/Prayer Requests:
Crankbait – Still organizing helping families with Furniture. Need bed/sofa/dishes. Contact him on Slack
Chipper – Pray for family as father in law passed away

Duvet – Pray for appointment today for Ultrasound on new baby. Appointment around 10:30. PRAY EARLY

Trampstamp – We miss him!

Man Hands – Miss him too!

Crankbait led us out

An honor to “lead”,