Flash Bang Friday bb May 17

22 men posted for a Friday workout. The pax included Dr. Evil, Lucky Charms, WhamO, Far Side, Sludge, Pacer, Fortran, Mulligan, Slice-n-dice, Fudd, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Red Hot, Boones Farm, Epstein, Water Wings, Dean, Deliverance, Shear Conn (aka Soulmate), Kay and Gilmore (Q)

We warmed up then made our way to the track. We ran 3 laps and completed exercises after each lap, lap 1 – 10 burps + 20 LBC IC, lap 2 – 10 burps + 20 dying cockroaches IC, lap 3 – 10 burps + 20 LBC IC

Next we moseyed to the bus benches. Here we ran the following circuit 3x; 15 derkins + 20 dips + 10 step ups each leg — mosey to hand rail to complete 5 big boy sit ups, mosey back to bus benches to rinse and repeat

Next we moseyed to the parking lot. Here we all started on a curb to complete 10 Rocky Balboa’s, bear crawl to other curb, complete 10 curb bangers, crawl bear back to start point to rinse and repeat. YHC found this particularly taxing, it was drawn up to go 3 times……..

Mary was 15 pretzel crunches IC each side, 15 Cindy Crawfords IC each side and 25 Hammers.


Pray for Crankbait’s mother in law, experiencing lower back pain

Toto is coming home, Kay planning a welcome home clean up event

Mulligan working to secure date (and perhaps location) for CPR classes

Crankbait prayed