BackBlast: Pain in the Park May 18, 2019

14 PAX including 1 FNG converged on the gated 4th of July Park. Some through caution to the wind and weaved around the barricades while others moseyed in from another part of town parking.

PAX: Sludge, Flo Rida, DoubtFire, Gilmore, Cousin Eddie, Tarde, Epstein, Hobbs!!, Radar, Boones Farm, Slice N Dice, Checkbook, FNG Kevin Edmond (Hot N Now), QIC Special Ed

With an FNG in attendance YHC had to step his game up and complete the necessary disclaimer and Mission. Breaking from protocol, or is it creating our own rules, YHC introduced FNG Kevin Edmond at the beginning to give the PAX ample time to sort out the names. Kevin is a neighbor of Gilmore, Police Officer in Burlington, a Winston native, and was wearing more clothes in one workout than Epstein has worn his entire F3 career.

FNG Kevin

With the PAX duly informed, a mosey to the warm up circle was at hand


10 ABE Vigoda’s Slow Count each Side

20 Sobriety Style Sun Gods Forward, Reverse

20 Chinooks, Forward, Reverse

15 Frankenstein’s for Lucky

20 Seam Rippers

With the PAX sufficiently warmed, we moseyed to the Parking Lot above the baseball field where they were divided into groups of 3 or 4. Not looking to reinvent the wheel, the ole slips of paper in a bucket routine (or cup) was pulled from the back seat of YHC car to produce this:


LBCs IC 20 count by the light pole

20 dips at guard rail

20 dips at benches

10 pull-ups at track

5 hills reverse

5 hills forward

10 Derkins at benches

10 Derkins at guard rail

2 laps up the stairs

5 prisoner get-ups at 2nd base

10 shoulder taps at 1st base

10 Lt. Dans at home plate

5 Worst Merkins ever at 3rd base

20 big boy sit-ups/pull ups at railings

15 Monkey Humpers by the light pole

15 Squats at the track gate

15 Erkins on the baseball hill

10 each Leg Step Ups at benches

15 IC Crunch Frogs at Dumpsters

15 Bobby Hurleys at Warm up Circle Gate

15 Carolina Dry Docks in the outfield

21 chances to better yourself and your group. YHC’s group got 20 of the 21 completed it appears. Thanks to Gilmore for pushing our Group back up the hill to the bus benches yet again. Best line from our group; Checkbook on the third trip to the benches, “Can’t they just move the benches down here to us”

With timed called, the PAX moseyed to the bball courts, now housing a stage. YHC was encouraged to perform Monkey Humpers on stage, but declined in fear our FNG would indeed never return.


20 LBCs in Cadence

20 Low Slow Flutters

20 Hammers


With introductions out of the way, FNG Kevin Edmond stepped in the circle for his official name. Many were tossed around, but with obvious reference to FNG’s occupation, Hot-N-Now is now a member of the PAX.


Epstein’s Church baptizing 16 kids (YHC thinks he heard correctly that the church is baptizing the kids Sunday and not Epstein himself…..)

Epstein’s Friend (house fire) is staying with family and is proud of her new found Roller Derby friends that sent cards to her (guess you had to be there to understand…)

Prayers for Man Hands

Prayers for Sam Jenkin’s sister (Gilmore’s friend) for terminal brain cancer

Sludge led us out.

In an attempt to avoid an Evil beatdown, YHC signed up to Q late Friday night and provided an evil beatdown at least to himself…hope others got something out of 2.6 miles of moseying and 21 possible exercises

Thanks, the slips of paper are ready and waiting for the next time…

Special Ed

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