BackBlast- Feats of Strength 5-20-2019

An even Dozen self-selected out of the greater Pax for the short mosey from The Grand Warmarama to Flounder’s weight room, also known as Dr. Evil’s Convalescent Center, also known as Shelter #1. In a hurry to get strong slowly, the twelvepax fidgeted, S-S-Hopped, and mumblechattered its impatience as QIC fumbled first with speaker and then with interval timer. (It all worked last night, I swear…). After an eternity lasting 20 seconds, QIC jettisoned the technology, resorting to red light/green light to move the Pax around the circuit, consisting of 7 stations:

  1. Deadlifts using concrete blocks or dumbbells
  2. Curls using Sludge’s steel channel or dumbbells
  3. Homer & Marge, hyperextend off the table edge
  4. Peter Parker Merkins, hold 4 count at the bottom
  5. Pistol Squats
  6. Standing Flies
  7. Reverse Hypers, or hanging Superman, off the table edge

The goal was to go slow on the descents and quick on the ascents, resisting gravity in both directions. Slow reps need more time to burn, so the work interval was increased to 70 seconds, with 15 second rest to change stations. 20 cycles got us to Mary time, but Dr. Evil, too legit to quit, pressed the QIC for just one more to achieve three complete circuits.

T-claps to Duvet for sloth-worthy descents. Looking like the world’s most fit hamburger, Epstein proudly displayed his grillmarks. Thanks to Dr. Evil for having backup music at the ready. Does he carry that speaker everywhere?

6 5 1/2 Minutes of Mary = LBCs 15 IC + Cindy Crawfords, 10 IC + American Hammers 15 IC.

There were a bunch of pax in the Circle Of Trust. Not sure who they all were, but one stands out: FNG David, a financial advisor and protege of Slice & Dice. QIC followed the Sludge/Special Ed school of FNG naming, offering the lamb to the wolves BEFORE the exercises were completing, enabling the pax to brainstorm names while sweating, huffing, and counting. A little time works wonders, and QIC was blessed with several quality suggestions, including Chapter 7, Martha the insider trader, and the winner: MADOFF. Welcome, Madoff!

Prayers to Chipper and family on the passing of his father-in-law. Prayers to the Williams family on the tragic loss of the father. Joy and celebration for Fudd returning from Africa mission trip. Crankbait is gathering summer clothes, shoes and socks for the homeless. Dr. Evil led us out.

Always an honor to lead, a privilege to participate, and a joy to belong. Aye! Florida.