2019-05-20 RWB Backblast

“Slow-Rida” will have the official PAX list, after he led an amazing Mary, and Name-o-rama, with perhaps a completely redefined way to name FNGs. Florida will go down in history on this day, 5/20/2019, as the inventor of the best way to get FNG names by relieving the pressure. First, you don’t think about your burning abs during marys as you’re thinking about names…second, you can actually think about FNG names for a couple minutes. Well done FloRida

Image result for Florida rapper gif
FloRida showing us how its done!

Anyway, after an impeccable intro and disclaimer, the pax circled around Dean for a WOR consisting of:

Mountain climbers

Dean Vigodas

Cotton Pickers/Seam Rippers

Imperial Walkers

Goof Balls

Sun Gods were not done because the RWB crowd was doing leg day….YHC had no concerns about the FOS crowd!

Thang for the RWB:

Stations of Leg exercises starting at the tennis courts and ending right by FOS. Our FNG, Madoff did our dice rolling. Even advance to the next station. Odd, retreat and repeat previous station. Some of the exercises were:

Worst Humpers Ever 10x IC each (Tclaps to FloRida for inventing…)

Thigh Masters

Travelling Lt. Dans


Himalayan Humpers

Flamingo Squats

Ballerina Heel Raises

Step ups

Box jumps


We did a lot in a bunch of different places and Madoff only had a couple odd rolls…Well done!

We then joined the FOS crew for Marys

Random Musings VIA Gif:

Image result for rocky gif
Rocky Balboa’s Added for Elaine’s return
Image result for bears football gif
Welcome Back Lambeau
Image result for holding hands gif
Mulligan Holding Dean’s hand during Flamingo Squats
Image result for happy gif
Gilmore Throughout RWB with negative mumblechatter at historic lows
Image result for box jump fail gif
The collective PAX for box jumps
Image result for ballerina fail gif
Fudd, Water Wings, and Boone’s Farm doing the Ballerina Heel Raises
Image result for rolling dice gif
Madoff Rolling Evens!

An honor to GIF,