Post-blast – Northern Aggression 5/15/19

Twelve PAX joined me this morning for a Tabata-style, minimal mosey workout celebrating my 2 year F3 anniversary.  The PAX were Water Wings, Wham-O, Sludge, Kay, Pacer, Epstein, Mulligan, Flounder, Fortran, Sprinkler, Dr. Evil, Boone’s Farm, Deliverance (Q).

The mumblechatter started with obvious jealousy over my Q shirt.  I’ll be glad to loan it anyone on their next Q, but they may not be able to fit-in-this (fitness).  Oops, I did it again!

Warmarama:  (15 reps of each)  SSH’s, Imperial Squat Walkers, Sun Gods, Hillbillies, Dean Vigodas.

Very short mosey across Main St. to the circle in front of the Kernersville Town Hall to begin the THANG:  A Tabata-style workout that included 3 rounds of 3 exercises (chest, legs, abs).  45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest.  The PAX drew cards to determine the grouping of exercises, thereby excusing the Q of all responsibility.  And we performed the exercises to a free add-filled Pandora version of the George Thorogood station (much complaining from Dr. Evil on the commercials).  But like F3, it was free.

Round 1 included:  Merkins, Lt. Dans, Freddie Mercury’s

Round 2 included: Carolina Dry Docks, Monkey Humpers, Dying Cockroaches

Round 3 included:  Burpees, Copperhead Squats, WWI’s

Then we made the short mosey back to the park for Mary (15 reps of each):  LBC’s, Box Cutters, Cindy Crawfords, Gas Pumps, American Hammers.

Prayers for Wham-O’s neighbor Kristina Bradley; Toto has been cleared to come back stateside in June; Man Hands.

Fortran led us out in prayer.

Always an honor, Deliverance.

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