Back Blast – Red, White, and Boom

No cinder blocks needed for this all natural body weight Stallone/Rocky inspired bootcamp. Kicking it old school. After Tarde’s warming warm-o-rama the campers mosey’d to the track. Keeping KISS in mind, the QIC decided that it would be great to do a little four turn action. Run to turn 1 do 10 merkins; bear crawl to turn 2, do 20 squats. Run to turn 3, do 30 mountain climbers; crab walk to turn 4, do 40 LBCs. Still arguably the best three words in the gloom; rinse and repeat. Once the 2nd lap is complete, plank for the six by the “pull-up” bars.

Time to pair up. Partner 1 does 10 knee raises hanging from the “pull-up” bars while partner 2 does shoulder taps. Switch, rinse and repeat.

Mosey to sons of benches for continued pairs fun.

Partner 1 does Rocky Balboas while partner 2 runs to the yellow hand rails and does 10 reverse pull ups then runs up the stairs to relieve partner 1. Switch and once partner 1 has returned, rinse and repeat.

Next, partner 1 does dips on the benches while partner 2 runs the hand rails and does 10 big boy sit ups and returns via the stairs to relieve partner 1. You guessed it; switch and once partner 1 has returned, rinse and repeat.

From there we moseyed to the b-ball courts for our last round of partner fun. Partner 1 does the suicides while partner 2 does balls to the wall. You know it is coming; switch, then rinse and repeat.

The over the top crowd finally made it to the b-ball court for Mary.

Mary was LBCs, gas pumps (reverse crunch for the “technicals”), Cindy Crawfords, and merkin hammers.

The total PAX included; Sludge, Boone’s Farm, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Water Wings, Wham-O, Bambi, Tarde (Co-QIC), Red Hot, Dean, Dr. Evil, Chipper, Shear Conn, Flounder, Deliverance, Kay, Epstein, Tenderfoot (welcome back), Checkbook, Sprinkler and Mulligan (Co-QIC)

Tenderfoot back in the gloom, Thin Mint is good but waiting on answers from the government.
CPR certification. A handful have expressed interest. I am working on a list of possible dates from the instructor.
Kay is still requesting donations for continuation of the website.

Gilmore’s dear friend’s sister suffering from brain cancer. Please keep the Jenkins family in your prayers.

Gilmore lead us out.

Thank you gentlemen, seeing you in the gloom is a privilege. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share a routine with you.

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