Over the Top – backblast

Inspired by Mulligan’s backward ball cap one day last week, YHC brought an “Over the Top” workout. This fine morning, Co-Q’s Tarde and Mulligan did our best to channel Stallone.

As YHC looked for any FNGs, it was great to welcome back our prodigal Pax, Tenderfoot! Truly great to see you back in the gloom, brother.

Over the Top went a little like this…

WARM-O-RAMA – led by YHC

  • SSH x20ic
  • Sun gods x11ic fwd, then reverso
  • Abe Vigodas x10ic (modify as necessary, if your name is Dean)
  • Goofballs x10ic
  • Helicopters x10ic

The Pax then split into two groups. Boot campers followed Mulligan on a Rocky Balboa inspired workout. Muscle men followed YHC for feats of strength inspired by Over the Top.


The eight of us paired up. One partner used a tie down to drag a cinder block to the playground. While the other grabbed a set of dumbells and moseyed along.

We regrouped at the playground for the main event. The pattern was simple. One partner would do a weighted exercise, while the other completed a station, then switch. Each station was 2mins, then switch with your partner and go 2 more mins.

“Hit” music from 1987 was played throughout…and everyone loved it. Really. C’est la vie!

  • First station was Over the Top, where a tie down strap was placed over the playground bars and used to raise a cinder block. Other partner did Nolan Ryans. Go for 2 mins, then switch and go 2 more mins.
  • 2nd station. Partner 1 over the top. Partner 2 mountain climbers. Go 2 mins, then switch and go 2 more mins.
  • 3rd station. Partner 1 curls. Partner 2 monkey humpers. Go 2 mins, then switch and go 2 more mins.
  • 4th station. Partner 1 curls. Partner 2 Cindy Crawford. Go 2 mins, then switch and go 2 more mins.
  • 5th station. Partner 1 overhead presses. Partner 2 Maktar N’Diayes. Go 2 mins, then switch and go 2 more mins.
Why yes, that is a truckers hat.

At that point time was up. Strongmen reunited with boot campers at the BB court. Mulligan then led perfect 6MoM.

Five cinder blocks were left in the shed for future use.

Always an honor, and always right on time,


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