DRAG – Backblast for 5/4 Pain in the Park

With 9 repeat customers and 1 FNG, it went a little something like this…


  • SSH x20ic
  • Abe Vigodas x10ic
  • Imperial walkers x10ic
  • Sun God’s x10ic fwd, then reverse
  • Helicopters x10ic

WAR concluded with a jog around 4th of July park, followed by balls to the fence at the tennis court.

The thang

We paired up. Each pair was assigned a concrete block and a tie down strap.

The implements of our construction…

Dragging blocks, mosey to parking lot behind school for a few rounds of fun.

Part 1

Partner 1 drags block up/down lot, partner 2 does dying cockroaches. Switch. Rinse and repeat.

Partner 1 drags block up/down lot backward mosey, partner 2 does merkins. Switch. Rinse and repeat.

Partner 1 bear crawls while dragging block, while partner 2 lunges. Go halfway up lot, then switch.

Mosey to track for part 2 of the thang.

Loop the strap over the pull up bars. Partner 1 uses strap to raise the block, while partner 2 runs a lap. Switch. Rinse and repeat.

Ab break, led by Boone’s farm and Dr. Evil. BF led Marge and Homer. Dr. E led slow mo Peter Parker’s.

Back to the thang, partners went around the track together. One dragged the block, while the other “coached”. Switch halfway around track. Rinse and repeat.

Back to parking lot. Partner 2 bear crawled dragging the block, while partner 2 lunged. Switch halfway.

Another round of parking lot drag. Partner 2 dragged the block up/down lot while partner 2 did dips. Switch. Rinse and repeat.

Back the 4th of July park for Brass monkey. Partner up. Partner 1 does monkey humpers while partner 2 runs around circle. Repeat until song is over.


  • Freddy Mercuries x20ic
  • Low slow flutters x10ic
  • AH x20ic


10 with the Q


Slice and Dice, Dr. Evil, Kay, Checkbook, Chipper, Boone’s farm, Duvet, Epstein, FNG (David), Tardy (Q).

We named our FNG. David is the brother of Slice and Dice. Lives in Denver CO, works for a software company, proud Cuban. We quickly settled on “Edible”, for connections to the mile high city and his brother’s name of Slice and Dice. Welcome!


Announcements. Kay is looking for crazy people who want to run a 200 mile relay with no actual sleep. Goodness, YHC thinks that should also be a prayer request.

Prayers. Keep Man Hands in your prayers. Prayers for Chipper’s family, as his father in law is in palliative care. Praise for Edibles, having a great time with his daughter while in town.

Kay led us out.

Always an honor, and always right on time,