Backblast: Flash Bang Friday, May 2nd: ZZ Top – Legs

(21) PAX  showed up on the Q’s vacation day to do some leg work:  Epstein, Dean, Dr.Evil, Duvet, Crankbait, Red Hot, Crawdaddy, Tarde, Kay, Deliverance, Mulligan, Kay, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Flounder, Radar, Wolverine, Bambi, Serta, Water Wings, Q (Far Side).

Returning the favor to Dr.Evil for the “mini Murph” last Friday, we started it like this…after a few who missed the Preblast threatened to head home.


Mosey to bus lot: SSH x 15, Merkins X 20 (a prelude to Roxanne), Frankensteins X 15, Sun Gods X 15.

Mosey to the track for a little legs and running action:

tv wtf wow omg shocked GIF

High Knees X 8, Lunges X 16, SSH X 24 with a lap in between. Mumble Chatter slows quickly…

Mosey to benches: Step ups X 10 each leg, Copperhead squats X 15.

Mosey to street (PAX thankful for 12 foot shortcut across the grass). Monkey Humpers X 15 – a tribute to local traffic.

monkeys medics GIF by JustViral.Net

Mosey to the Far Side Memorial Tennis Courts…

andy murray GIF

for some suicides and wall sits (R and R), followed by Crossover Runs (other name?) and planks. Feedback from Evil that planks preceding Roxanne would suck….it did.

Roxanne, with faulty Ecolab speaker and strange singing by Radar? Evil?not sure. Q thinks Water Wings may have tampered with the speaker. Cannot confirm.

MOM: Cindy Crawfords X 10 each with a demand for “which side first!?”, Marge Homers, Low Slow Flutters, and American Hammers.


No Moves!

Prayers: Far Side 2.0’s Uncle’s family after funeral as well as friend w cancer. Crankbait’s friend Sister in Law – brain tumor/radiation, Man Hands.

My honor gents,

Far Side