Poison Ivey: Four Corners

9 Pax convened at Ivey Redmond for the mid week respite from life … in the gloom … with sprinklers running … and “Fudd, is that you” as the bull frogs make their calls:

On our initial mosey, QIC thought he heard Fudd … it was a bull frog … safe travels Fudd!

Pax: Crankbait, Dean, Bambii, Trampstamp, Chipper, Serta, Crawdaddy, Water Wings, Duvet (QIC)


  • Slow count Abe Vigoda’s
  • Seam Rippers
  • Runner stretch
  • Butterfly stretch

Before the thang began, QIC needed to “wake” the crew up since his soothing, mono-toned cadence count began a lullaby!

The Thang:

Complete Round 1 exercises at each station, then round 2, then round 3 and the circuit stops as advised below. We jogged around the parking lot to wake up and understand the gist of the workout which was:

At the Dumpster:

  • Round 1 – Lunge walk to the ball field bleachers
  • Round 2 – Bear crawl to ball field bleacher (T-Claps to Chipper!)
  • Round 3 – Skip to ball field (Dean, you enjoyed this entirely too much!)

At the Ball field Bleachers:

  • Round 1 – Dips, Derkins, Irkins X20
  • Round 2 – Dips, Derkins, Irkins X20
  • Round 3 – Dips, Derkins, Irkins X20

On the way to the third corner, pit stop for pull-ups X10 (X5 on the third round)

Corner at the edge of the hill:

  • Round 1 – Down the hill, back up, then 5 burpees X3
  • Round 2 – Down the hill, back up, then 5 burpees X2
  • Round 3 – to the Pax appluase and the shortness of time, skipped this one

Concession area:

  • Round 1 – Stairs X3; then squats, monkey humpers IC X15
  • Round 2 – Stairs X2; then squats, monkey humpers IC X15
  • Round 3 – Stairs X1; then to the lower lot

At the stop sign area, 22 merkins each circuit


  • American Hammers X15 IC


  • Man Hands – Crankbait saw you at Mad Greek Grill Monday? – Back, prayers for him and M
  • Prayers for Toto

Trampstamp led us out

Gentlemen, this was an honor to lead. BTW – I appreicate the fact we stuck together as a group though the workout did not require it. Well done gents – this was not an easy one!