Red, White, and Boom: 4.29.2019 Backblast

Whistling winds whipping through the parking lot greeted the Pax for a beginning of the week beat down. 22 Pax present and accounted for: Flounder (Feats QIC), Crankbait, Sludge, Wham-O, Serta, Mulligan, Boone’s Farm, Bambi, Elaine, Red Hot, Kay, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Dean, Lambeau, Wolverine, Water Wings, Epstein, Blue Hen, Deliverance, Sprinkler, Duvet (QIC in place of Fudd).

Fudd has the sniffles (really, it’s an awful chest cold with allergies), so he asked Duvet to queue, but was nice enough to send a full written queue to follow – here’s how the the thang happened:

Mosey to parking lot (Queue forgot to say halt and almost got trampled) – eager bunch this morning – 21 reps of each of the exercises below:

  • Burpees
  • Lt. Dan’s
  • Bobby Hurley
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Lunges

The burpees were a real winner, the mumblechatter got off to a great start – Kay said he should’ve listened to his watch and stayed at home to recover, others just simply grumbled.

From here, we moseyed to the track – partner up, 2 laps, pull-ups while partner one runs one lap, merkins for the second lap (QIC added this on the fly – you like that, I added running)

Mosey to the benches for a little more partner work, while one partner runs to the fence and back, alternating backward and forward running, partner does the following exercises:

  • Step ups – right leg
  • Step ups – left leg
  • Dips
  • Erkins
  • Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the amphitheater from here – QIC decided we hadn’t had enough leg work so he yelled “AUDIBLE” which was a very confusing word for some – nonetheless, in a line on the curb, 25 Monkey Humpers IC – it was truly awesome!

When we made it to the amphitheater we did the following:

  • 20 Abyss Merkins
  • 21 Erkins
  • 20 Flamingo Squats (dean and Boone’s Farm were holding hands for this one)
  • Rocky Balboas
  • Plank Punch (but I don’t think anyone did this exercise)

From here, we lined up at the Mini Cooper in the parking lot, one long straight line to have an phenomenal competition where we bear crawl all the way to the storage bin 50 yards away. Kay took off, and most made it half way before QIC figured out was a failed exercise and not a lot of Pax were doing the exercise – guess they had enough.

Mosey to the B-Ball courts for Mary:

  • WWII’s – 21 (QIC still doesn’t know the difference between WWI’s and WWII’s and this was loudly called out) – kept going with the exercise
  • 15 Hammers


Travels for Fudd to Africa and his cold; Man Hand for him and M; Toto’s return in a month

Crankbait led us out

Thank you for letting me lead – always a pleasure.

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