Flash Bang Friday: Preparation is Key

22 loyal pax arranged this morning after providing a fair amount of feedback just on the pre-blast. (Really, has a pre-blast ever gotten 6 of these emojis?)

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Pax: Sludge, Tarde, FloRida, Chipper, Kay, Shear Conn, Boone’s Farm, Pacer, Fortran, Epstein, Radar, Water Wings, Lucky Charms, Sprinkler, Mulligan, Crawdaddy, Far Side, Gilmore, Flounder, Stub Hub, Checkbook, Dr. Evil (QIC)

The workout was as predicted, a training for the upcoming Murph, so we moseyed in the general direction of the track to have….


  • SSH’s, 20 IC
  • Sun Gods, SS, 15 Forward, 15 Reverse
  • Seam rippers, 15 IC

Mosey to the track for the Thang:

Written instructions were provided, as Fortran was quick to ask questions….and each pax was given a sheet with 12 numbers to assist in their accounting of their reps. Most, including the Pax, simply did as many as possible during the workout.

Twelve repetitions of:

  • 1 lap around the track (1/6 of a mile)
  • 9 pull ups
  • 17 merkins
  • 25 squats

On the mosey to the track, YHC acknowledged to Stub Hub on his second workout, “You’re going to see every variation of a pull up that you can think of….” T-claps to Stub Hub for wearing an “Iron Sharpens Iron” t-shirt. He’s definitely where he belongs.

Much like the Grinch, YHC grinned when Epstein noted, “Hey, he’s rounding up!” You really didn’t think that we would be rounding down, did you??

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Sadly, no, Crawdaddy. I do not have a Rhythm Nation cap in my basement.

Image result for rhythm nation hat janet

Mosey back to bus parking lot for 6MOM:

Brand new!!! Slo Mo Peter Parkers, 10 IC #crowdpleaser!

American hammers, 15 IC (ran out of time)


  • FloRida wants to see all of his man friends in women’s clothing. Come support Next Step Ministries at East Forsyth High School on May 19th, details in Slack. A mile in her shoes…
  • Wham-O! Needs moving help tomorrow immediately after Saturday’s workout.

Prayer Concerns:

  • Far Side’s M’s uncle, hospice decisions, Stage 3 cancer, JR
  • Far Side’s anonymous co-worker, just found out he’s got cancer..
  • Sam Jenkins’ sister, 6 months, cancer, Gilmore’s family friend, “AC”
  • Man Hands, back and M work
  • Gilmore led us out.

Always an honor, I hope you got enough….

Dr. Evil

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