Red, White and Boom Monday 4/15/19 Backblast

25 Pax entered into the warm, but windy gloom to shake off the weekend eat-o-rama.  Man Hands, Radar, Whammo, Sher Con, Gilmore, Red Hot, Sludge, Kay, Dr. Evil, Elaine, Mulligan, Epstein, Serta, Tarde, Water Wings, FloRida, Deliverance, Blue Hen, Flounder, Dean, Fud, Slice&Dice, Fourtran, Boones Farm and YHC, Checkbook.

Flounder led a shoulder focused WOR with chinook squats (becoming his signature move), dean vigodas, cotton pickers, and mountain climbers.

FoS participants followed Flounder to the convelesence center, and BCers followed YHC to the top end of the bus parking lot.

Boot Camp went something like this:

Starting at the top end of the bus parking lot
lunge to the bottom end of the lot
reverse run back to the top
25 monkey humpers IC
sprint to the bottom of the lot
20 gorilla squats
sprint to the top of the lot
20 imperial squat walkers
sprint to the bottom of the lot
20 hillbillies
sprint to the top of the lot
20 dying cockroaches

Mosey to the benches
Partner A – did 12 step-up each leg while Partner B – did thigh masters.
Partner A – did 20 SC himalayan monkey humpers while Partner B – did copper head squats.

Mosey to the front of the school
pretzel crunches 15 each side IC
LBCs 25 IC
Lt. Dans 12

Mosey to the basketball court with a jail break at the WOR circle
Z-drill (think step-slides while in basketball defensive position)

The mumble chatter was light, or the Q was oblivious.  The latter is the most probable.  Hope you got enough.

10 crunch frogs IC
15 Freddie mercuries IC
12 box cutters IC
12 cindy crawfords IC
15 American Hammers IC

Prayer requests: Toto’s wife who had emergency surgery last night that went well.  Pray for speedy recovery.

Announcements: Doubtfire may need additional help this week in the evenings to finish up his family’s move.  Text him to offer help and for details if you can.

Man Hands took us out in inspiring fashion.  Thank you, Man Hands for setting the tone for our day of inspired male leadership in our community.

Always an honor, gentlemen.

-Checkbook out! 

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