2019-04-10 Mock Draft Backblast

9 PAX entered Dean’s Mock Draft to see where we would all end up…the PAX were: Duvet (who called out the Q…), Shear Conn (soul mate!), Boone’s Farm (Merlot-maker), Crawdaddy (soul mate part 2!), Gilmore (PNG Representative), Lucky Charms (brought his basketball again…), Crankbait (the take my ball and go home at 6:10am guy…), Kryptonite (highly revered guest from HP), and Dean (QIC)

We began with a mosey to the entry gate for:

Mountain Climbers

Super Slow Abes

Seam Rippers

Walking Sun Gods/Schnooks

Then to the upper parking lot for the Thang. Themed on the NFL draft, there were (7) rounds of 7s (With a lap around parking lot between each round for “teams” to be on the clock). Locations were set by Dean, but PAX could “trade” their location by paying a 5 burpee penalty and pick whatever location they wanted. We started with:

Round 1: Dean @ the Concessions – Dips and Step-ups

Round 2: Lucky @ Parking lot in front of concessions – Merkins and WWI

Round 3: Crawdaddy @ Middle of no-where – Split Jacks and LBC. Crawdaddy proved to be the trend-setter as for the last (5) rounds we were supposed to be at the playground, but never made it there. Kudos to the PAX for being proactive and trading up!

Image result for NFL draft trade gif
The PAX after every Trade

Round 4: Gilmore (not knowing the hill was on my sheet) said something to the effect of “WE CAN’T miss the hill”, so we did 7s of Humpers at the top, merkins at the bottom.

Image result for hill gif

Round 5: Duvet, who loves running, cut the lap short to do Irkins and Curb bangers at the lower concession building.

Image result for i don't run gif
Duvet this Morning

Round 6: Shear Conn – Faked us out that he was going to go to the playground but then turned around for 7s of Suicides and Lt. Dans.

Image result for totally redeem yourself gif
Shear Conn leading us to the playground…scratch that to the parking lot

Round 7: (Slated to go to Crankbait, but this early bird lost his worm) Went to Boone’s farm who did some crazy jump around thing combined with bobby hurleys…the mumblechatter went to a feverish pitch here and was only held in check by the constant Merlot spillage…

Image result for sandlot puke gif
The PAX After Boone’s Farm

Then a mosey to the lower lot for marys of LBC, Homer/Marge, and Hammers

Random Musings:

Duvet asked YHC how many exercises I even led this morning…#delegate!

Image result for delegate gif
Dean’s Q Plan

Lucky gets happier with age. While stereotype says the older you get, the grumpier you get, Lucky (living on borrowed time) just gets more chipper. T-claps

Welcome back Kryptonite…come more often!

Tclaps to Boone’s farm, who for some reason, loves doing exercises he hates. Always welcoming the challenge…

Tclaps to the PAX, who yet again, as Duvet noted did most all of the Q’s work.

Announcements/Prayer requests. Pray for Thin Mint. Also the family in Kernersville where mom was killed.

Shear Conn led us out.

An Honor to “lead”,


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