Back-blast for RW&B Monday 4/8/19 – The 3 Mile Challenge

Warm o Rama: SSH, Nancy Kerrigans, TTT, Dean Vigodas.

The Pax were then instructed to pick their F3 poison. Weight lifters followed Flounder to the convalescent shelter. YHC led the runners to the Cul de Sac.

Runners counted off. We had 15 runners total (Fortran was tickled pink to holler “FORteenTRAN” in the count off). Plan was to bring 15 back. YHC gave quick reminder about safety, with mention/honor/memory of F3 brother Cheech who perished in SC. You are responsible for you.

Then instructions were given for the 3 mile run, to be completed within 30 minutes. Here was the course:

  • Start at Cul de Sac in 4th of July Park
  • Take Mtn St. to intersection w/ Main St.
  • South on Main St to Korner’s Folly
  • North on Main St to Giada’s
  • Back down to intersection of Main St. and Mtn
  • Return to Cul de Sac at 4th of July Park

For those who finished sooner, Kay led a pain station at the finish line, where pax rotated through four stations around the Cul de Sac. In between stations, YHC really enjoyed welcoming pax back from their run.

We brought back 15 of you within 30 mins. Hopefully the same 15.

We have many different types of runners at F3 Kernersville:

Kay and Wham-O
FloRida and Slice and Dice
Everyone else

Kay and Wham-O pushed each other and led the Pax. Super proud of cousin eddie, man hands, and checkbook for completing the run within 30 minutes…You know what they call the guy who graduated last in his class at medical school…doctor.

Special mentions to FloRida and Crawdaddy for extra credit Murph work at 5AM. Wham-O got an extra credit run at 5AM. #overachievers

Flounder led 6MoM (he tried to leave us lop sided on pretzel crunches) and collected the data for Count o Rama and Name o Rama.

Always an honor, Tarde.

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