BackBlast: Pain in the Park

10 PAX: Chipper, Sprinkler, U Boat, Boones Farm, Doubtfire, Epstein, Duvet, Dr. Evil, Flo Rida, Gilmore joined the Tencarva Q’s: Lucky Charms, Sludge, Wham-O!, and Special Ed for a little Saturday stroll off the reservation.

Warm-A-Rama: After a brief mosey, Sludge led us to the Basketball Court for

SunGods, Chinooks, Hillbilly Squats, and possibly something else, but what did Warm a rama really matter, that was just wasting our time to get to the real thing:


Lucky Charms moseyed us across the street to the neighborhood. Each Stop Sign required 5 Burpees and each fire plug required 10 Lt. Dans at the first, 9 at the next and down to 1, then back up the ladder. It seemed at some point it went from 5 to 8 on the up ladder, but Epstein and YHC went with the flow.

At the bottom of the hill, we took a left. Amazing the continued confusion: Up 3 mailboxes, 5 Gorilla Squats, then back 1 mailbox for 3 Worst Merkins. After several Mailboxes the best line of the day happened:

Epstein: “There is no way they are doing 5 worst merkins, they have to be cheating.”

Sludge: “You’re right Epstein, they aren’t doing 5, the count is to only do 3 each time.”

Epstein, the next set: “Oh, 3 is much easier”

(Which makes the fact more sad that YHC was only able to keep up with Epstein because he had perfect form AND he was doing 2 more than me each time)

No choice Saturday, you were getting 3 miles

Continue the mailbox routine until the sidewalk to the other neighborhood where Jack Lalane (Lucky Charms should have been named Lalane, they are the same age after all) broke into a small core section:

LBCs and Cindy Crawfords

Continuing up the hill until the last stop sign. A left took us back down the hill where Wham-O! took over with:

Mailbox routine of Curb bangers and Monkey Humpers.

After 3 exhausting miles, we played Frogger to get back over to the basketball court for MARY

We ended with Hammers


Pacer is enjoying his vacation thanks to not spending money on moving. Speaking of moving More moves to come the next few weeks.

Next best quote of the day: Florida “So I saw Two Men and a Truck in bankruptcy court”

“Hard to compete with free”

Praise to Sprinkler’s company and prayer to the worker of his that is 21 and homeless with mental issues. The guy lives in his car, and hasn’t slept in a bed in 2 months. Keep him in your prayers, and realize how fortunate we are.

Prayers for Epstein’s friend in Virginia that lost her husband and house.

Mary is eager to get on with her life, praise for her

Gilmore took us out.

An honor to work with this group of Q’s and workout with this group

Special Ed, for Sludge, Lucky Charms, and Wham-O!