Back blast – Flash Bang – Tarde Training – April 5, 2019

15 braved PAX joined me this morning for a little Tarde Training. I imagine the PAX count was low due to all the green on the weather radar. The PAX included; Man Hands, Boone’s Farm, Flounder, Wham-O, Fortran, Epstein, Florida, Deliverance, Dean, Far Side, Special Ed, Slice n Dice, Water Wings, Sludge, Dr. Evil, and your humble QIC, Mulligan. I was happy to see an even number of PAX as we were paired up for the “entire” morning and that makes for a no odd man out group. After referring the PAX to to read the F3 mission statement OYO we moseyed to the lower lot, where the early arriving teacher parks, for warm o rama. Warm o rama consisted of:

Chinooks – forward and reverse
Imperial Walkers

From there we moseyed to the school’s front entrance where the PAX paired up (that’s two) to begin the morning’s Tarde training session.

First Round
Partner 1: Rocky Balboas
Partner 2: “Run” to the street, turn left and “run” down the sidewalk to the school’s entrance driveway and back to you partner 1. Switch o change o.
Then, rinse and repeat. And mosey to the benches by the car pick up lot.

Second Round
Parnter 1: Step ups
Parnter 2: “Run” to the yellow hand rails for five big boy situps and return to relieve partner 1. Presto chango; partner 1 now does big boy situps while 2 does step ups.
Rinse and repeat.

Third Round
Partner 1: Dips on the benches
Partner 2: “Run” to yellow hand rails for five inverted pull-ups. Return to relieve partner 1. Rinse and repeat.

Fourth and Final Round
Catch me if you can twice around the track.
Partner 1: “runs” backwards awaiting partner 2 to catch
Partner 2: two Lt. Dans and “run” to catch 1, switch.

We then moseyed to the basketball court for mary, although we rectangle’d up on the concrete pad between the goal and concession stand.

Mary consisted of:
Cindy Crawfords
Low slow flutters
Merkin hammers

Dr. Evil’s coworker Mary and his sister. Both in good spirits

Chum Valdez in Illinois for his 2 year masters program interview
Man Hands – for continued support for him, his wife, and family. Had counseling session yesterday
Epstein’s friend in VA. tragic events with the husband and home. Potential for F3 Kernersville to lend some help to the family. More to come.

Sludge was gracious to lead us out with the Lord’s Prayer.

Gentlemen, always a pleasure to share the gloom with you and have an opportunity to lead.

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