Feats of Strength: Party at the Disco

30 Pax met this morning in the gloom to celebrate April Fool’s Day. After a quick motivational speech by Special Ed, the pax mosied to the warmarama. Post warmarama, the pax split, with some following Dr. Evil for his VQ of Feats of Strength with the others diappearing into the dark with Special Ed.

Pax:Fortran, Gilmore, Duvet, Blue Hen, Tramp Stamp, Special Ed, Man Hands, Checkbook, Tarde, Boone’s Farm, Crawdaddy, Sprinkler, Sludge, Serta, Epstein, Elaine, FloRida, Shear Conn, Red Hot, Dean, Deliverance, Water Wings, Flounder, Bambi, Fortran, Gilmore, Cousin Eddie, Fudd, Crankbait, Dr. Evil (QIC)

Feats of Strength went like this:

Stations were set with music and a tabata-style workout. 40 seconds on, 15 seconds rest/move to next station.

It was funny to see guys that obviously grew up on hair bands and classic rock slowly recognize some of the best of the disco era…though even YHC had to fast forward past “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang…

The stations:

  1. Tricep dips: Target 30
  2. Bicep curls: Target 30
  3. Squats: Target 35
  4. Plank, 1
  5. Plank, 2 (stay in plank for a full 1:50)
  6. Pistol Squat, left leg : Target 20
  7. Pistol Squat, right: Target 20 (pistol squats = #crowdpleaser)
  8. Jump rope: continues for the 40 seconds. Some pax performed better than average, but it was suggested that Man Hands might know the rhymes that went along with the jump roping….
Jump Rope Fail GIF - Fail Ouch Jumprope GIFs
  • BTTW (or post, in this situation)

Rinse and repeat. The FoS Pax got through almost 3 rounds….

Clean up and meet the others at the basketball court.


  • Doubtfire: moving
  • 4 F is recruiting, meeting under a bridge with the rest of the trolls
Image result for troll
I think this represents the 4 F’s….Pretty sure that they work out naked, too.
  • Blue Hen led us out.

Thanks to the FoS regulars for their patience with my VQ. Admittedly, I signed up for the wrong Q, but it was good to get out of my comfort zone.

Hope you got enough,

Dr. Evil

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