Back Blast: Red, White, and Boom

Thanks to Dr. Evil for collecting PAX information.

After a disclaimer about not suing YHC but being able to sue Evil (it’s April Fools folks) we were off to the Warm up Circle for:

10 count Abe Vigota’s

10 count Sun God’s forward/reverse

10 count Chinooks forward/reverse

10 count Frankenstein

10 count SSH

Split for FoS and we moseyed on to the large parking lot. YHC advised the group to split into groups of 3. These groups would stay together and pick an exercise from the pot (not tip jar, not spitoon) The exercise choices are as follows:

LBCs IC 20 count by the light pole
20 dips at guard rail
20 dips at benches
10 pull-ups at track
5 hills reverse
5 hills forward
10 Derkins at benches
10 Derkins at guard rail
2 laps up the stairs
5 prisoner get-ups at 2nd base
10 shoulder taps at 1st base
10 Lt. Dans at home plate
5 Worst Merkins ever at 3rd base
20 big boy sit-ups/pull ups at railings
15 Monkey Humpers by the light pole
15 Squats at the track gate
15 Erkins on the baseball hill
10 each Leg Step Ups at benches
15 IC Crunch Frogs at Dumpsters
15 Bobby Hurleys at Warm up Circle Gate
15 Carolina Dry Docks in the outfield

Notes: YHC was not clear, and will be next time: The meaning “by the light pole” was supposed to be the pole at the top of the hill behind the mobile units, which has no . As Epstein correctly pointed out, we’ve never used the other poles in workouts and he knew exactly what I meant….

Also, there are stairs going to a 2nd story floor to run up…

YHC hopes this workout agreed with everyone’s wishes….some running with a mix of exercises.

Notes for those that are thinking of Q’ing to avoid MumbleChatter:

Key thing is to split the herd

Get them running

Make them run hills backwards

With these steps taken, the herd can’t breathe and are less likely to sling one-liners your way.

Mosey back to BBall court for Evil’s 6MOM

BlueHen led us out.

Thanks for allowing me to lead

Special Ed