13.27.18 Posion Ivy- “Cardiac Pax”

Nine pax gathered on a cold March morning to recreate some hoops Madness Magic. Would it be a team of destiny?

PAX: Crawdaddy, Duvet, ShearConn, Dean, Lucky Charms, Crankbait, Serta, Deliverance, Chipper (QIC)

The group circled the bucket of basketballs like hungry wolves stalking an injured wildebeest , but first it was time for a mission statement andWarmOrama

SSH x 15
Chinooks X12
Sun Gods x 24
Dean Vagodas x 12
Seam Rippers x 12

A quick mosey back to pick up the basketballs and the team learned the first step of their journey to trace the path of Jim Valvano and the 1983 Wolfpack. The group grabbed their balls and moseyed to the first stop on the the way to the title, a 2,916 mile trip from Raleigh to..

Corvallas, OR (aka Lacross Field)
NC State beats Pepperdine 69-67 (2 OT) and UNLV 71-70

The Pax paired up and took the court for..
Partner A – Pepperdine Pickle Pounder x 15 (a pickle pounder with hands planked on a basketball). Partner B – WW II’s
Partner A – Pepperdine Pickle Pointer x 15 (a pickle pointer with hands planked on a basketball). Partner B – LBC’s

Balancing on a basketball proved quite mumblechatter-worthy and the team seemed on the verge of turning on the Q. Ultimately they held on for the victory, perhaps remembering the famous Valvano quote…

So, it was off to the sweet 16 in

Ogden, UT (aka: baseball field tables)
NC State beats Utah 75-56 and Virginia 63-62

The pax once again took the court for:
Basketball Merkins
It was a chaotic scramble, so YHC does not remember the numbers or even if all of the exercises are listed. Merkins on a basketball are hard. In the end the team came through and it was a glorious trip back to Raleigh where the Q gave instructions for a ten count, then proceeded to interrupt the counter with instructions for the Final Four trip to..

Albuquerque,NM (aka: upper soccer field)
The team was then given the play to win the championship. Pax were broken into groups Whittenburg, Low C, and Valvano. The Valvanos were instructed to position themselves on the sideline for 15 Squats, then take the Valvano arms-out-looking-for-a-hug run toward the Whittenburg group. The Whittenburgs were just inside midfield with basketballs taking the famous shot/pass (a lot like a Bobby Hurley’s, but different alltogether). Once relieved by Valvano they ran to the Lorenzo Charles station to make continuous Jump Squat dunks over the soccer goal. It was a glorious play (last second dunk by Low C for 54-52 championship victory) and the pax floated back down from the the high altitude of New Mexico back to Raleigh for an abbreviated MARY.
LBC x 15
HaMMERS x 21?

Prayer Concerns –
FannyPack and family
Toto and family finishing up in Uganda
Crawdaddy expressed praise for F3 as he recently marked his second year

Crankbait led us out.

Quite an honor to lead this group of HIM – Chipper