2019-03-22 Settler’s of the Gloom Backblast

Far Side in the Speedo and Dean with the Long Hair
Blue Hen and Mulligan Added, and Dean and Far Side Sharing a Hex – The new and improved Map.

29 PAX (not including the Q) joined Dean to humor him for a Catan-based Q. YHC, thinking Catan wasn’t a nerdy game was surprised by how few people have played Catan. This was Q mistake #1. But assembled we did. Kay and Radar took instruction from YHC on how to Captain the teams (Radar more out of genuine interest, Kay was my volunteer!).

The Pax: Tarde, Mulligan, Crawdaddy, Crank bait, Pacer (Moving!), Lucky Charms, Blue Hen, Fudd, Sprinkler, Water Wings, Duvet, Special Ed, Kay (Gamemaster), Serta, Spicoli (can’t remember his age), Epstein, Checkbook, Flounder (dressed in ninja like all black), Boone’s Farm, Radar, Lambeau (Sorry for the parkey reference), Elaine, Dr. Evil, Far Side, Red Hot (unusably giddy today), Deliverance, Gilmore, FloRida, Fortran, Dean (QOIC)

Image result for giddy gif
Red Hot this Morning in an Unusually Giddy Form – Well Done…

We did a quick mosey to the Cul-de-sac – Scratch that the Q thought and turned around mid mosey – and we headed to the basketball courts for Warm-a-rama. Mumble-chatter about directional switch…it began early) We did:

Image result for early gif
YHC trying to control the Mumblechatter early…Q Mistake #2

Mountain Climbers (Mumble chatter about starting fast. Truth is I did this for Pacer, who I know hates SSH)

Sun Gods and Schnooks

Gilmore Vigodas (mumblechatter heard that these were too slow even for Gilmore)

Seam Rippers (Or Cotton Pickers. whatever you wanna call it…the exercise self identifies with whatever you want to call it)

Then a Mosey to the BOARD GAME SHELTER (BGS). Brief explanation of Catan that was only enough to piss off the PAX. Kind of a like being offered a piece of cake, only to find out that the person only offered you a bite of cake and not a full piece. The PAX were left wondering what the heck was going on. So much so that even after the workout Epstein enjoyed the workout but had no idea what just happened.

Image result for just enough to piss me off gif
The PAX after YHC tried to explain the “Game”. Q Mistake #3

From this point on it was team #1 (led by YHC) versus team #2 (Led by Gamemaster Kay). The PAX were told to do exercises to get resources. Then the resources were spent on Roads, settlements, cities, or development cards (knights), just like in real Catan. Team #1’s strategy was to get the longest road and build settlements and cities. Team #2’s strategy was to go after knights. YHC chose a shorter run for Team #1 (mistake #4), which proved to be the difference and why team #1 ended up with (1) more victory point than team #2 (Six to five). In reality, I will call it a tie.

Image result for herding cats gif
The Actual Workout
Image result for tie game gif
The PAX, Hating it being called a Tie

We then moseyed to the basketball courts for Mary’s:


Leg Raises (Evil insisted that this was Homer/Marge and YHC was all wrong)

Image result for mini me gif
Evil Taking on the Q

Lucky then temporarily stole the Q for Cindy’s.

Image result for lucky charms gif
The PAX Following Lucky Charms in Cindy’s – Magically Delicious job!

Then Hammers to finish.

Random Thoughts:

  • YHC should take chill pill.
Image result for everyone calm down gif

  • In future, YHC will save this workout for Wednesdays and advertise well to avoid mass hysteria and confusion the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Sprinkler last counted.
  • Kudos to the PAX that YHC did not consider well. YHC was not good at looking out for the 6th today. Apologies and lesson learned.
  • Even FloRida, the flow-chart mastermind, was confused at the complexity of this workout. Q mistake #5
  • Special Ed, intrigued, asked how you do this in the actual game.
Image result for black friday gif
The PAX loved Catan so much that this was the scene at Target this morning to purchase the few sets they had in stock
  • Too much other mumblechatter to recall, but feel free to comment if it was good
Image result for confused gif
FloRida during Workout thinking about his previous flow-chart workouts being a breeze compared to this nonsense

Then Announcements: HELP Pacer move. This Saturday after pain in the park. 950 George Place Dr kvegas. Gilmore reminded about something at the church to help with. Strangely, the address is 950 George Place Dr kvegas.

Pray for Man Hands, Thin Mint, Mary (surgery tomorrow morning to remove cancer)

Gilmore took us out.

An honor to attempt to lead.