(Area of a circle = pi r squared) … Backblast for Northern Aggression 3/20/19

Part 1 WARM-O-RAMA – bank teller drive-through area

  • SSH x25IC

Short mosey to parking lot near library

Part 2 WARM-O-RAMA – library parking lot

  • Hill Billys x16IC
  • Bobby Hurleys x5 OYO
  • Monkey Humpers x5 OYO
  • Bobby Humpers/Monkey Hurleys x10 IC

The Thang: Area of a Circle.  We gathered in the circle in front of town hall for the geometry test. A cone was already setup at the end of each pathway, with a stack of exercise cards under each cone.  

Instructions: Individual Pax would run down any pathway, grab a card, and return to the circle by any other pathway, to complete the exercise on the card.  Return the card to the cone/stack you took it from before going to a different cone/stack. Work your way around to all six cones. Rinse and repeat until time called.  

Had to repeat instructions for Fortran, and he heard it much better the second time, after turning up his miracle ear.

Here was the menu of cards for today’s geometry test:

Noteworthy observations: The Burpee cards were a fan favorite, so much so, that they started to migrate to other stacks.  No one likes Prisoner get ups, but when the card says I.C., that is infuriating! Dr. Evil kept drawing the Nolan Ryan card, and there were rumors he might have just pocketed that card b/c he liked it so much.  Pacer provided hip hop tunes when YHCs bluetooth speaker died after maybe 1-2 songs. T-claps to newer guys like Lambeau and Slice and Dice for asking about cards with exercises such as “crabcakes” and “balls to the walls”, and putting in good work.

Nice job Yankees.


  • Pretzel crunches x15IC each side
  • Low slow flutters x10IC
  • Rosalita whips x10IC
  • AH x20IC


  • Count-o-rama: 14 with the Q
  • Name-o-rama: Boone’s Farm, Blue Hen, Dr. Evil, Slice and Dice, Mulligan, Elaine, Lambeau, Deliverance, Water wings, Flounder, Pacer, Sprinkler, Fortran, Tarde (Q).
  • Prayer concerns and announcements:
    • Help Pacer move on Saturday.
    • Praise for Sprinkler’s mother in law, b/c her scans (post cancer treatment) came back clear.
    • Prayers for Pacer’s co-worker who was thought to have cancer but instead is dealing with a fungus and still being treated.
    • Prayers for Mary a co-worker of Dr. Evil who is dealing with cancer and facing surgery that may take her right arm.
    • Praise for Giselle who has a healthy new daughter.
  • BOM: Thankful for Blue Hen, who led us out in prayer.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tarde

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