Pain in the Park Saturday 3-16-19. A 30 for 30 with Failure.

9 Pax – Sludge, Radar, Duvet, Kay, Florida, Lucky Charm, Crawdaddy, Gilmore, and YHC and Q, Checkbook.

Cold and Windy with a steady stream of mumblechatter.  Just like I like it.

Dean Vigodas, helicopters, sun gods, chinooks, mtn climbers, IMPERIAL SQUATS, ssh’s


A series of moseys broken up with alternating sessions of 30 for 30 and “until failure” exercises.

Left the reservation and took off into the neighborhood – just a little mind game.  First stop sign – 30 merkins, 30 LBCs, 30 merkins.

Park entrance – curb bangers until failure (UF) – chilcuit plank waiting on the 6.

Warm-up circle – 30 copper head squats, 30 Carolina dry docks, 30 copper head squats.

Shelter 1 –  – Crunchy frogs UF – reverse plank Erkins waiting on the 6.

Shelter 2 – Step ups UF – Erkins waiting on the 6.

Shelter 3 – 30 Lt Dans, 30 Dips, 30 Lt Dans.

Tennis court – Balls to the Wall UF – Imperial Squats waiting on the 6. Crawdaddy brought down the house when he warned against relieving one’s bladder while in the BTW position.

Warm-up circle – 30 WWIs, 30 Thigh masters, 30 WWIs.

Benches at the pick-up line – Himalayan monkey humpers UF – plank waiting on the 6.

Warm-up circle for another round of Dean Vigodas to stretch the hamstrings before jail breaking to the basketball court.

6MOM – Freddie mercuries, cindy crawfords, sweat angles, supermans, box cutters, AH’s

Sent off FloRida and his team to New Story (see Slack for results).  Prayers for those suffering in New Zealand.

Always a pleasure. 

-Checkbook out.