“New and improved” Heavy Roadtrip: Backblast for Feats of Strength 03/18/19

WARM-O-RAMA. – was led by Fudd.

Then the boot campers followed Fudd to… What a sounded like an ear piercing rock concert behind the school…

While the strong men broke away for some traveling weight lifting led by Tardy…

Thang 1:

  • Travel from shelter to playground: Heavy Lunge Claps
  • Find a tree for Wonderbras x10
  • Playground AH x10IC
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 total)

Thang 2:

  • Travel to amphitheater: Heavy Lunge Claps
  • Flys 1 minute
  • Iron Man lifts 1 minute
  • Step-ups x10IC each leg
  • Lawnmowers 1 minute each arm

Thang 3:

  • Travel to playground: Heavy Pee Wee Herman Walk
  • AH x10
  • Bulgarian Split squats x10IC each leg
  • AH x10
  • Standing rowers x20
  • AH x10
  • Curls 1 minute

Thang 4:

  • Heavy Bear Crawl from playground to shelter, then mosey to BB court


  • Dying cockroaches x20IC
  • Hurricane flutters x20
  • AH – x20


  • Count-o-rama: 28 with the Qs
  • Name-o-rama: Weezy, Bambi, Cousin Eddie, Deliverance, Epstein, Fortran, Water Wings, Wham-O, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Shear Conn, Mulligan, Dr Evil, Blue Hen, Sludge, Special Ed, Dean, Duvet, Red Hott, U Boat, Elaine, Boone’s farm, Tramp stamp, Lambeau, Flounder, Checkbook, Tardy (Q) and Fudd (Q)
  • No sign of lucky charms, but not surprising the day after St Patrick’s Day. I am sure he’s been busy…
Lucky Charms
  • Prayer concerns and announcements: Praise for the guys who helped with the service opportunity at New Story Church over the weekend. Help requested for Pacer’s move coming up this weekend. Please sign yourself up on the emergency contact sheet (ask if you don’t know how). Prayers for Man Hands. Prayers for Thin Mint. Prayers for Mary, a co-worker of Dr. Evil, who has a recurrence of her cancer and is facing serious surgery.
  • BOM: Crankbait led us out in prayer.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tardy