2019-03-13 Ivey Redmond – Dean’s Home-Ec Concrete Baby Backblast

14 PAX (including the Q), gathered for a Home-Ec class. Duvet was paying close attention as a refresher given a 2.0 is on the way. Tramp Stamp, Chipper, Shear Conn, Crankbait, Fudd, Serta, Shutterfly, Tarde, Water Wings, Duvet, Lucky Charms, Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Dean (QIC). Shear Conn offered up his concrete baby as an FNG – 1 Day old. The Concrete baby will forever be known as “4 inch Slump”.

Image result for concrete slump gif
Shear Conn’s Concrete Baby “4 Inch Slump”

We started by distributing concrete babies to the PAX. There was one cylinder left over, saved of course for the Holy Spirit. We did a short Warm-a-rama of:


Sun Gods to warm up the shoulders

Seam Rippers

Dean Vigodas (So slow that Gilmore would have complained they were too slow)

We then did a modified Bataan Death March to the old parking lot entrance and back. Basically, take the cylinder on an indian run but do five squats before running to front of line (instead of 5 burpees per Bataan death march). I believe The Stamp (go Duke!) and Crankbait led us out. This was to simulate a group walk to give your concrete baby some much needed fresh air and sunlight. A dog was heard viciously barking, and YHC forgot to tap Fudd on the shoulder fearing for his own life if the dog escaped.

Image result for mean dog gif
Crawdaddy noted it was probably just a Chihuahua
Image result for elmer fudd gif
Fudd giving Dean the Business

We ended at the upper parking lot for some Monkey Humpers while YHC got the 80s iheartradio station up and running. We then went to the bottom of the parking lot for a push the baby up the hill bear crawl across the whole parking lot (lunge when need a break). This was to teach folks how to take their concrete baby out for a stroll by themselves. I believe it was at this time that Mulligan noted that the baby couldn’t be his because it wasn’t big enough. I wasn’t sure how to interpret that…

Image result for paternity test gif
Footage of Mulligan this morning

Then to the benches for Dips, Derkins, and Step-ups. Home-ec lesson is that it’s not all about the baby. Sometimes we need personal time…

Then to the bottom of the parking lot for crab walks with the cylinder.

Then we did hills with the baby (roll that cylinder down the hill and retrieve). YHC noticed that some people THREW their concrete babies…Home-Ec instructor Dean was not impressed…but, yesterday’s news proves, that with a little money, grades don’t matter.

Image result for drop baby gif
Footage of the event

After seeing several people slip, YHC modified and switched to suicides with the cylinders on the lines.

Then, we concluded with BABY bowling. Roll the cylinder between parking stops and 10x squats. Miss is 10x burpees. 3 rounds of that took us to Mary’s (we also did two “diaper” changes. ab stations somewhere in the mix above.) Lucky Charms must have hit all his, because he was celebrating like it was 1699.

Image result for old man celebrating gif
Lucky after each strike!

Mary’s were:



Dying Coachroach

And Hammers with the Cylinder. As Tarde noted, these were sponsored by the American Chiropractor association.

Image result for homer simpson trash can chiropractor
Tarde after his appointment this morning

Random Musings:

Chipper fought through some pain and maintained his cylinder’s safeness. Water Wings wore the same “Walker” shirt for the 100th time in a row (YHC wore yet another NC State shirt). And Serta ALWAYS says Name F3Name and then Age, showing that he is a defiant non-conformist, and we love him for it.

Serta at a Recent Therapy Session

Announcements: Pray for Thin Mint and JROTC. Praise that Shear Conn’s buddies survived a plane crash (And then won the lottery same day!), but seriously, that’s cool. Prayers for Man Hands. Shutterfly (who spews encouragement like Evil spews mumblechatter) reminded us to pray for Pastor of New Story who is picking up two congregations in King, NC (where they don’t take kindly to authority).

An honor to lead,