Red, White, And Boom

27 Pax posted this morning 3-11-19 including the Q.

Tardy, Spicoli, Serta, Lambeau, Mulligan, Blue Hen, Elaine, Cousin Eddie, Radar, Water Wings, Red Hot, Kay, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Wham-O, Shercon, Dean, Crank bait, Deliverance, FloRida, Epstein, Duvet, Flounder, Slice&Dice, Booms Farm, and Sludge.


Started with a little mosey, ending up on B-ball Court. Chinooks (Keep the up Tardy), Sun Gods, Chinooks again, Cotton Pickers, and Hillbillies

Divided into strong men (Flounder, Deliverance, and Crank Bait) and boot camp (The rest of the Pax)

To the Boot Camp Pax, I would like to apologize for the Angry Elf Q as it was pointed out to me. That had no bearing on the Workout we have been away from that hill for quit sometime. I will admit that at 8:15 pm Sunday night I was angry maybe more disappointed that no one, none, not a sole, had signed up to Q. As I have been going through my day I realized that by no one and I mean nooooooooooooooo one signing up it, gave me an opportunity to step and lead and for that I am very thankful for.

Onto the THANG

The pax went on a little mosey with a 1 minute run and a stop for a 30 second plank. We had 5 opportunities for planks.

Then over behind the cafeteria of the school where the stage and benches are located and Sprinkler famous Porte-cochere (ˌpɔrt koʊˈʃɛər, -kə-, ˌpoʊrt-) n. 1. a covered entrance for vehicles leading into a courtyard. 2. a porch roof at the door of a building for sheltering people entering or leaving vehicles. we got our partner-up work out on.

Partner A leaves parking lot and heads to Porte-cochere for the ab exercise that the Q called out Partner B leaves the parking lot and heads to run the hill and we meet up at the benches for Irkin Burpee’s, Dips, and Derkins (qty 10 ea.). Then Partner A goes and run hills and Partner B goes the
Porte-cochere for the ab exercise. You finally meet back where you started in the parking lot for 10 Boooyah Merkins.

There were 4 rounds of this with WWI, LBC’s, CLC’s, and Crunchy Frogs under Sprinkler famous Porte-cochere and the running of the hills we went forward, backward, forward, and backward.

Moseyed to the Guard Rail behind the school for wide arm irkins, and dips (qty 20 ea.)

Off to the basket ball court for a little Mary with Feet’s of Strength. Flounder lead with Cindy Crawford, Super Mans, and then American Hammers.

Then one more partner exercise to the base line partner A ran suicides while partner B held plank then switch.

COT: Crank Baits mother for healing of shoulder surgery. Pacer’s move. New Story Church work day 3-16-19 after workout see FloRida (Thanks for running point on this and giving us a chance to be God’s hands, feet, and backs)

FloRida took us out in prayer.

Always and honor to lead even if I was angry, tired, or disappointed.

Iron Sharpens Iron!