(26) PAX showed up on a FRIDAY to welcome a beat down.

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Pax:  Red Hot, Tarde, Dean, Kay, Dr. Evil, Lucky Charms, Pacer, Tramp Stamp, Blue Hen, Deliverance, Tender Foot, Whammo, Chipper, Elaine, Fanny Pack, Spicoli, Sludge, Epstein, Sprinkler, Serta, Water Wings, Duvet, Crankbait, Check Book and Q: Far Side.

Mosey to circle: SSH X (30). Mosey to Parking lot.
Friday A.M. Chatter: “Uh oh” and”We got a runner” were heard as we moseyed.

Thang: Pair up: Abe Vigodas X (15), Frankensteins X (15), Cotton Pickers x (15), Hillbilllies X (15), Merkins X (15), Spiderman Pushups X (15) Burpees X (15), Bobby Hurleys X (15)…chatter dwindles. Sprints to end of PL….and back.

SSH X (30), Frankensteins X (30), Copperhead Squats X (15), Merkins X (15), Spiderman Pushups X (15), Burpees X (15). Sprint to end of PL. Mosey to track.

Laps for partner with Elbow Planks (except for Kay), WWI Sit ups, Pull Ups or Hangs. Mosey to benches. Step ups while partners, lunge and run backwards X 2. Mosey to lower PL. Monkey Humpers X (15). Mosey to Far Side Memorial Tennis Courts. Wall Sits and Planks combined with partner suicide runs.

MOM: Low Flutters, Cindy Crawfords, American Hammers (with brief Q siezure and no help from PAX. No doctors, so chatter seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

Announcements: Coworkers of Evil and Pacer with Cancer and surgeries, Flounder – A GRANDPA!, Crankbait’s Mom – shoulder surgery.

Dr. Evil took us out. My honor gentlemen!