Backblast – Poison Ivy – “Dice don’t care about your feelings” Weds – 3/6/19

Pax: Lucky Charms, Dean, Shearcon, Serta, Tramp Stamp, Duvet, Yoyo, Chipper, Fud, Small Grits, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

11 Pax welcomed winter back with a cool breeze under starry skies. After an flawless disclaimer and no FNG’s seen, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Warm-o-rama: Indian Run for a modified lap to the upper lot. Followed by 15X SSH, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods, Dean Vigotas and Cotton Pickers.

The Thang: Pair up.. 2 die decide your fate.

Die #1 – roll multiplied X3 gives your team that rounds Rep count

Die#2 – determines where on the list your team starts.. From there do every number back to 1. Dream scenarioroll 1 & 1… Nightmare scenario 6 (x3=18) and 6 (start with burpees)..

Numbers as follows: 6. Burpees, 5. Pull ups, 4. Suicides (long ways across upper lot) curb counts as a line, 3. Split Jacks, 2. Lt. Dans & 1. Merkins.

There were winners – Dean rolled a 1/1 & Loooooosers.. Tramp Stamp and Partner rolled 6/6 and 5/6… how bought them suicides boys?

A fun time was had by none.

Mary – Cindy Crawfords, Marge and Homer (including flutters and Burns), Low slow flutters, LBCs and American Hammers

Prayer Concerns: Rebecca Thompson

Shearcon led us out.

Always a pleasure gents: Crawdaddy