Back Blast

Chipper, Dean, Shear Con, Elaine, Kay, Dr. Evil Boone’s Farm, Sludge, Tarde, Pacer, Deliverance, Special Ed. Slice and Dice, Flounder, Whamo, Crankbait, Fred Hannah FNG, Serta, Flo rida, Duevet, Fortran, Checkbook, Water wings, Mulligan, Denny Browning FNG, Fudd, and QIC Man Hands all gathered for something this morning. I’m just not sure what.

Flo rida led us through some warm up exercises and the Pax split up. Flounder, Tarde, Pacer, Deliverance, and Kay followed me for Feats of Strength.

The theme for the day was tabata with compound lifts

Kettle bell swings

Dumb bell Snatch

Push Press


Each exercise was done AYG for 20 secs and 10 secs of rest, twice then rinse and repeat. That completed an 8 minute round and we did 3 rounds. QIC definitely did not provide enough instruction because everyone’s form was terrible and all of the snatch jokes were terrible as well. Pacer did come through and provide some music because the QIC failed in that regard too.

QIC finally cleaned up and joined the PAX for 6 MOM that Kay had already started.


Crunchy Frogs

Super Man/Iron Man/Lois Lane


2 FNGs joined us

Denny Browing attends APP State on an ROTC scholarship. Numerous names were thrown out including Yosef but the lack of beard prevented that name. Sludge mentioned Catamount but I couldn’t do that to another Mountaineer. So we settled on small grits.

Fred Hannah, is a mountain climber and owns a paving company in Greensboro. There weren’t many names thrown out but Ass Fault was quickly decided. We did not discuss spelling so while typing the back blast QIC made an executive decision to spell it as mentioned.

Prayer Requests

Crankbait’s mom is having shoulder surgery

Boone’s Farms mom is having her knee replaced

Man Hand’s marriage

As always gentleman I enjoyed it the Q sheet is open so if it sucks it is your fault.

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