Back Blast, Red White & Boom, March 4, 2019

After a short, but warm welcome of not one, but two Friendly New Guys, YHC enjoyed a shower of disclaimer suggestions while leading the short mosey to the Warmarama circle for:

Side Straddle Hops, 15 IC

Helicopters, at a suitable-for-stretching pace, 10 IC

Seam Rippers, 15 IC

Mountain Climbers, 10 IC

Man Hands led the Strongmen to the stand-and-deliver center, and the mobile division of the Monday AO decamped to the Tennis Courts…

All the Lines. On Both Courts. A lotta lines.

For Partner Suicides:

Partner 1, run a suicide across both tennis courts, hitting ALL the lines. A lotta lines, as Sludge mentioned several times.

Partner 2, Moon Gods, Left Side, while waiting for Partner 1 to run.

Swap spots, then

P1, Suicide; P2 Side Plank Pushups Left Side, then

Rinse and repeat on Right Side, for a total of 4 suicides each.

Of note, some pax requested demonstration of these uncommon exercises for the benefit of the FNGs. Some pax complained because it was too dark to view the demonstration. Proving once again, whenever two or more are gathered… some pax will be complaining.

Then Mosey to the bus lot behind the school for another round of partner suicides according to the cones marking bus lines.

P1 – Suicide, P2, Derkins on guard rail. Reverso

P1 Suicide, P2, Lt Dans, Reverso

P1 Suicide, P2 Merkins, Reverso

Somewhere in here, FNG Denny, the future Small Grits, showed his youthful exuberance with a blistering downhill to lead the Pax home.

Then Mosey to the Basketball court for, you guessed it…

More Suicides:

P1, run; P2, Wall Sit, reverso

Feats of Strength pax began ambling into the suicide track, endangering the running pax and putting a stop to any further partner fun. That leaves a few exercises on the weinke undone and saved for a future beatdown.

In order to keep Mary at the regulation 6 Minutes, Kay started us off with LBCs, before co-Q Man Hands took over with impeccably-formed Crunchy Frogs, Supermans, and American Hammers. Good work by Man Hands on the companion backblast, including the Name-arama and COT.

Always an honor to lead, a joy to participate and a privilege to participate. FloRida

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