BackBlast – Feats of Strength 2/25/19

After a very poor disclaimer by “Q” flounder according to @florida the group moseyed to the Cul-de-sac and circled up for Warmaroma

Warmaroma – Side-Straddle-Hop, Helicopter, Choonuk Squats, Cotton Pickers, Mountain Climbers

Five PAX  (Flipper, Tarde, Deliverance, Man Hands , Flounder (Q) split from the group after warmaroma and moseyed to @dr-evil “Convalescent Center” for a little strength training which consisted of a 10 station circuit with 45 seconds of high intensity work and 15 seconds rest between stations.           (3 Rounds Completed)

Station 1 – Bulgarian split squat w/ weights 10 ea leg; Station 2 – Overhead triceps extension w/ 10 lb weight; Station 3 – Hip thrust chest press w/ 15 lb weight; Station 4 – Alternating lunges w/ twist and weights; Station 5 – Curls w/ milk jugs; Station 6 – Dips; Station 7 – Overhead press w/ single 25 lb weight; Station 8 – Plank / all joints touch ( wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle); Station 9 – Wrist curls; Station 10 – Roll out/in Superman Plank

Music selection of the day was “Workout Hits Radio” to which was quickly changed after about 2 songs due to the mumblechatter from @tarde. New selection was “Country Strength Training Radio”. Mumblechatter subsided slightly. Tight group to please. Next time “Motown”. 🙂

Feats of Strength crew joined back up with the other PAX  & “Q” Dean at the basketball court where @dean lead Mary’s. See Dean’s BackBlast for details.

Hope you got enough!!!

Always an honor.