2019-02-25 Dean’s Pyramid Scheming

Mulligan, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Radar, Tarde, Water Wings, Deliverance, Fud, Serta, Kay, Wham-O!, Checkbook, Slice-N-Dice, Tenderfoot, Flounder (Q1), Elaine, Flipper, Man Hands, Duvet, Boone’s Farm, Chipper, Epstein, Sludge, FloRida, Dean (Q2), Our FNG Marcus Williams “Lambeau”

25 PAX plus 2 Q’s headed out in the gloom for Feats of Strength and a Pyramid scheme.

Flounder led a great Warm-up, and then the RW&B folks headed out following Despot Dean. This workout was inspired by a Cabi invitation that my wife got in the mail last Friday. The idea for a Pyramid Scheme Q hit me like the credit card bill hits come people after a Cabi party.

Image result for cabi party gif

So as a group we first moseyed to the parking lot for traveling style exercises. Since I literally delegated every single exercise the entire day, I don’t remember everything, but some memorable moments here were:

Image result for king on throne gif
QIC on throne of Delegation

Serta regretting picking Dr. Evil during broad jump burpees…Wham!-O! calling for more monkey humpers than ever done before ever.

We then moseyed to the outdoor amphitheater for round 2 where there were benches available…memorable moments were Elaine somehow thinking that Irkins after Derkins would “balance things out”….Fud choosing low/high merkins and watching WhamO use the ground and a bench…Crawdaddy starting his exercise before anyone arrived…Checkbook being original in his exercise choice…

We then moseyed to the shelter for round 3. Mulligan decided to veto Dean’s route and took us through the swamp for a mud run. One that Tarde likely would have loved, but ONLY tarde would have loved. Here, memorable moments were Blue Hen picking Mahktar Ndjiayes (not even going to try to spell it…)…And Evil wanting to do widespread monkey humpers that not Even FloRida (inventor of the worst humper ever) could have dreamed up…Also, people mocked the Q’s wonderful form on Freddie Mercury’s…

Image result for mud run gif
Tarde at literally every F3 event
Image result for terrible form gif
Slighty taller version of Dr. Evil Mocking Dean

We then moseyed to the benches in the woods for Round 4. Delegating power to Radar proved dangerous as he went for Alligator crawl…it’s almost as if he has been plotting this atrocity for a long time, waiting on the perfect moment to pounce…and here I go giving that opportunity…And then thankfully Duvet went with a sane exercise. Then off to do Mary’s where Kay was picked for the first ab exercise of pretzel crunches

Image result for evil plotting gif
Radar Plotting….

As feats of strength approached, new pyramid scheme targets were in place so Man hands and Tarde led us in Freddie Mercury’s and Hammers…It was again noted how Dean had impeccable form!

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

Pray for Thin Mint. Praise though that 18-years old yesterday!

Alexis got results from St. Jude, no better, no worse, pray for continued treatment.

Mulligan’s 1-year F3 anniversary. Name change in order?

Sign up to Q, as today proves, once you Q, you can delegate EVERYTHING

Dr. Evil’s sister’s treatment is going well.

Sludge took us out.

Welcome Lambeau! Just a coincidence it’s the bears in this gif…