Doctor’s orders III.

An anniversary is an opportunity to reflect.  F3 has been a very positive aspect of my life, especially on a cold rainy day like today.  Often F3 is a bright spot on tough days full of my paid work. Great way to blow off some steam, laugh a lot, and focus on what’s important.

So for all of this, I owe a big thanks to an EH from Florida.  That led to my first post on 2/24/2017 for a Dr. Evil beatdown that was super sucky.  I almost spilled merlot at my first few posts. Yet I kept coming back. Now it’s been two years, and I extend a sincere “thank you” to the Kville Pax.

Today’s mission was to re-create the Dr. Evil beatdown from my first post, and it went like this…


  • Slow straddle hops, 25 IC
  • No bounce burpees, 25 IC
  • Plank Jacks, 20 IC
  • Falling superman, 15 IC

Common running theme today…Dr Evil laughed repeatedly as each exercise was called out, often remarking about suckiness.

The Thang

Lunge-Claps & Merkins:

  • Lunge claps 10 out
  • 20 merkins
  • Lunge claps 10 back
  • Repeat 5 times, for a total of 100 merkins and 100 lunges

Ran a lap around the skate park.

Irkins, Derkins, and Bears, oh my!

  • 8 ladder at the entrance of 4th of July Park
  • Derkins, bear crawl to curb
  • Irkins, crawl bear to curb
  • Repeat, decreasing from 7 to 1 Derkin, while increasing from 1 to 7 irkins

Squat-Claps & Dips:

  • Squats with overhead claps, 25
  • Dips, 25
  • Repeat 4x for 100 each

And then some Tarde improv…

Brass Monkey: Pair up.  Partner 1 runs 2 laps around convalescent center, while partner 2 does Monkey Humpers. Trade off.  Repeat until song is finished. Note: Asses may have been smacked, but YHC was not involved.

Ran a lap around the main loop of 4th of July Park, with an all you got sprint to the finish.

The Police – Roxanne: Merkins on Roxanne, Plank Jacks on Red Light

Moby – Flower (bring Sally Up): Squats on the “up” and “down” of the song.

Janet Jackson – Escapade: Step Ups x20 (10 each leg) and 10 dips. Repeat until song is finished.

6MOM: The Who – Love Reign O’er Me

  • Reverse LBC’s x25 IC
  • Low slow flutters x20 IC
  • Box cutters x15 IC
  • American Hammers x10 IC

Today’s soundtrack:

  • Beastie Boys – Brass Monkey
  • The Police – Roxxanne
  • Moby – Flower (bring Sally Up)
  • Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
  • Waylon Jennings – Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard
  • Jerry Reed – East Bound and Down
  • Janet Jackson – Escapade
  • The Who – Love Reign O’er Me

Count-o-rama: 7 with the Q

Name-o-rama: Dr. Evil, Epstein, Crawdaddy, FloRida, Jordache, Checkbook, and Tarde (Q)


Prayer requests and announcements:

  • Pray for those at Pilgrimage Sludge, Crankbait, Blue Hen, and Checkbooks M (Molly).
  • Continue to pray for April, Alexis, and Brad, and really the entire family
  • Continue to pray for continued healing for Sprinkler’s mother in-law after completion of chemo
  • Welcome back to Jordache
  • Pray for the Pax who were not able to attend today due to injury, illness, or just needing a day of rest

FloRida led us out.

Always an honor, and always right on time,