Preblast: Doctor’s orders III.

What: Doctor’s orders III.  

A reiteration of YHC’s original FNG workout that was Q’ed by Dr. Evil back on 02/24/2017, and reprised 2/24/2018 to much fanfare.  Siskel and Ebert might say this workout is “memorable and funny”. I know this because Epstein recently said something along the lines of, “I remember that workout“ before he grinned and busted into laughter.

Why: It is Saturday, so that means a Doubtfire viewing is likely…

Time: Gather when you want.  Launch at 6:30.

Where: 4th of July Park

Weather: Check your weather app, or just ask Crawdaddy if the lady meteorologist has worn a sleeveless dress today.

Who: More like The Who. Baba O’Riley is a favorite of mine, but their entire music catalog is incredible.