Flash Bang Friday: A Little Fun

Pax: Elaine, Fanny Pack, Fudd, Tenderfoot, Fortran, Far Side, Crawdaddy, Sprinkler, Chipper, Mulligan, Boone’s Farm, Kay, FloRida, Spicoli, Tramp Stamp, Tarde, Radar, Dean, Epstein, Flounder, Dr. Evil (QIC)

Where’s Checkbook??

As Crawdaddy and Tarde waited in the relative warmth and dry of the convalescent center, YHC asked the Pax, “Inside or Outside”? With some enthusiasm–and faster than anyone else could respond–Radar offered, “Outside.”

Game on.

Mosey to the bus parking lot behind the school in the rain for Warmarama.

  • SSH’s, 27 IC
  • Seam Rippers, 17 IC
  • Sun Gods, Sobriety Style, 12 forward IC, Reverso
  • Crab Humpers, 15 IC (to get the bellies nice and wet)
  • Mountain Climbers, 20 IC (to get the backs nice and wet)

Somewhere in there, Dean mentioned that we had already surpassed the number of different exercises that YHC had for his last Q. Just so that you know that there was pre-thought into the outside workout, behold:

  • Partner A: Run the track with 25 merkins on the back stretch and 10 pullups on the front stretch.
  • Partner B: Back up the hill (somewhat muddy) twice, run to the rail for 15 big boy sit up ups.
  • Meet at the starting place in a plank waiting for your partner.

Tclaps to Crawdaddy and Mulligan for lapping the field!

On to the convalescent center for a time to dry…sort of…for 6MOM.

  • 50 IC LBC’s
  • 50 IC Freddie Mercury’s
  • 25 IC American Hammers

COT: Prayer Concerns:

  • Radar, for picking “outside”
  • Sludge at Pilgrimage, Crankbait and Blue Hen for being on the team
  • Alexis and April, with Alexis going for more testing this week in Memphis at St. Jude’s
  • Kathy, her husband, Jerry and their family as he gets a device to help with Parkinsons
  • Grut’s family, Darren Jahnke (Grut) passed in MN
  • Far Sides’ business associate changes life when close to end–lesson for all of us
  • Far Side led us out in prayer.

Always an honor, I hope you got enough.

Dr. Evil