Northern Aggression Back Blast

6 burly PAX members met at Harmon Park for a different kind of beat down. Flounder, Dr. Evil, Tarde, Sludge, Epstein, Elaine and QIC Man Hands.

We sought shelter from the elements underneath the drive thru of First Citizens Bank for the Warm O Rama, the Thang, 6 MOM, and COT.

Warm O Rama


Chinook Squats


Cotton Pickers

While trying to find his winky the Q repeatedly dropped other pieces of paper (losing lottery tickets). The mumble chatter had reached epic proportions at this point.

The Thang

EMOM (every minute on the minute)

1st minute: Dive bomber merkins and break dancing

2nd minute: Iron Mikes and mountain climbers

3rd minute: Freddie Mercuries and seal jacks

4th minute: Squats and shoulder taps

5th minute: Burpees and crab humpers

at the top of every minute PAX completed the minute number of the first exercise and used the remainder of the minute to complete the second exercise for 30 minutes.

Mumble Chatter was plentiful until the around the 15th minute. After the 15th minute the wind sucking had truly begun.

After 30 minutes most of the PAX collapsed and we began 6 MOM.



Dying cockroaches



Prayer concerns:

Sludge, Crankbait, and Blue Hen for the Pilgrimage

Reach out to past PAX

Dr. Evil led us out in prayer.

It was an honor gentlemen.