Backblast – 2/18/19, Part 1 – Feats of Strength

23 resolute men resisted the seductive temptation of a warm, dry house to start the work week with a trip into the damp Gloom.

The Pax: Dean, Fortran, Dr Evil, Deliverance, Crawdaddy (Happy Birthday!), Flounder, Tarde, Epstein, Red Hot, Duvet, Man Hands, Flipper, Gilmore, Cube (Kotters!), Boone’s Farm, Fudd, Sludge, Chipper, Radar, Elaine, Kay, Checkbook (co-QIC), FloRida (co-QIC).

Checkbook’s backroom maneuvering earned him the lead for both Warmarama and 6 Minutes of Mary. After sharing a tiny bit of the extra credit for which he is notorious, Dear Leader launched into an Australian Warmarama best described in another post. Suffice to say the entire Pax was left scratching its collective head.

After 17 boot-campers dispersed, YHC started the Tabata timer and laid out the circuit for the remaining 6 strongmen:

  1. Curls with F3 Channel Coupon
  2. Bent Flies (Seagulls) with pavers
  3. Tricep press with pavers
  4. Step-Ups, weighted by carrying milk jugs
  5. Bench Flies with pavers (lay on back, extend arms to sides and bring arms together above chest)
  6. Plank n Pass with paver (plank and move paver from one side of torso to the other side)
  7. Squats, weighted by carrying milk jugs
  8. Peter Parker Merkins – no weight. Add suckiness by holding 3 count at the bottom of each merkin.
  9. Wonderbra with F3 Channel coupon. Push Up and Push Out.
  10. Pistol Standups – no weight. Sit on bench, hold left leg straight out, stand up on right leg.

Work each station for 45 seconds, interspersed with 15 second rests to move to next station. Substitute OYO dumbells for more or less weight as appropriate.

A carefully curated but poorly shuffled five decade heavy metal soundtrack stalled at about 1991, tickling Tarde’s nostalgia bone. The resulting outpouring of memories was so vivid I almost felt like I was there, riding shotgun in the Camaro, and wondering if the mullet and the parachute pants would improve his chances with Heather at the skating rink.

The strongmen completed 2 1/2 circuits before the bootcampers returned for 6 Minutes of Mary which was not, repeat, not Warmarama.

Circle of Trust: Kotters to Cube! TClaps to Tool Time, who did not post (again), but did give an inspired musical performance in church yesterday. TClaps to Checkbook‘s 2.0 for a another inspiring musical performance. Happy Birthday to Crawdaddy! (5 Burpees, please) And a thunderous roar of applause to Duvet, who will soon add another 2.0. Note from Sludge and Kay regarding the latest issue of Shenanigans GSO F3 newsletter featuring a comment on F3 attrition. You sales guys know it’s easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. The EH’ing doesn’t stop after the first post.