Back blast – Red, White and Boom – Monday

Federal holiday, so us FI guys have the day off.  Plenty of time for a back blast.

The Q attempted to confuse the PAX on this damp Monday by flipping the board – reversing the normal workout cadence and starting off WOR with American Hammers, ending 6MOM with Side Straddle Hops, and generally doing the opposite of what was expected.  @Dean was so discombobulated he was looking for a hand to hold 60 seconds into the beatdown.

WOR: American Hammers, Sweat Angles, Supermans, Cindy Crawfords, Dying Cockroaches.

Feats of Strength QIC, FloRida will identify the full PAX with his back blast.

The boot camp beatdown group broke off and it went something like this:

Station 1 at the “House that @Gilmore s*#ts.”  Round 1 was WWIs (15) IC, Carolina Dry Docks (15) IC, and Pretzel Crunches (10) each side IC.  Round 2 was Mtn Climbers (15) IC, Nolan Ryans (10) each side IC, and Peter Parkers (15) IC.  Rinse and Repeat if the group make it back for additional rounds.

Station 2 at shelter 2 and station 3 at shelter 3 each contained a set of two dice. One die had the name of an exercise and the other had a # of reps, or a period of time in which the exercise had to be continuously performed.

We broke into 3 groups, each starting at a different shelter, and moseyed CLOCKWISE around the circuit.  At station one, we performed the defined exercise (see above).  At statin 2 and 3, we rolled the dice three times, and performed whatever the dice showed each time. then moseyed to the next station.

A good time was had by all…similar to an evening at Sludgefeast.

Omaha was called and 6MOM commenced at the Feats of Strength home base.  Mtn. Climbers, Sun gods, Imperial Squats, Cotton Pickers, Abe Vigodas, and SSHs.

…additional details forthcoming from @FloRida…

Always a honor to lead this fine group of men.

-Checkbook, out.

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