Back Blast – Pain in the Park – Saturday 2/16/19

6 Very Hearty PAX joined me in the rainy, wet gloom for a mix-it-up workout, gathering under the convalescent center to start. PAX were: Tramp Stamp, Crawdaddy, Fortran, FloRida, Gilmore, Epstein, and Doubtfire (QIC). We did a little bit of everything. After no FNGs were seen (imagine that), QIC ran through a shortened version of a disclaimer before we started.

Since it wasn’t pouring the rain, we moseyed to the Cat Lady circle and back to the convalescent center for the:


Imperial Walkers x15
Cotton Pickers x15
Copperhead Squats x15
Abe Vigodas, Gilmore style, x15

Next up was the Bataan Death March. PAX indian ran around the outside loop of the park. Last PAX dropped and did 5 burpees, then ran to catch the line and run to the front, tapping the last PAX in line to do his burpees on the way. This continued until all PAX had done a set of burpees. QIC was the last one and then we did a short AYG run to shelter 2, where we gathered for:

Tabata-style workout

45 seconds AMRAP followed by 15 seconds rest with the following exercises.
1) Mountain Climbers
2) Plank push ups, left side (QIC was corrected from what was listed as plank dips)
3) Lateral jumps (feet back and forth quickly across a line on the ground)
4) Plank push ups, right side
5) Iron Mikes (alternating lunge jumps)
6) SSH

QIC played classic rock music for this, just for Dr. Evil, but he must still be suffering from PTSD from my queue back in the fall. Sorry, Evil.

We then moseyed the long way around to shelter 3 for:

PAX partnered up and performed the following three sets of exercises. Partner 1 did first exercise at specified number of reps while partner 2 started on the second exercise, AMRAP style. Partners then swapped until the total number of exercises of exercise 2 were completed. Then move on to the next exercise set.

Set 1
Jump ups x15
100 Merkins

Set 2
Dips x20
200 Squats

Set 3
Bobby Hurley’s x15
300 LBC’s

We moseyed back to the convalescent center, stopping to get a coupon for each PAX on the way for a little bit of a feats-of-strength style workout

  1. Bent Rows – 20x each arm
  2. Inverted Pull-ups (with coupon on your abs) – 25x
  3. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – 15x
  4. Bicep Curls – 20x each arm
  5. Elf on a Shelf – 10x each side

Mumble chatter was generally low, likely dampened by the wetness outside (and by some of the usual suspects not being there). But it was mentioned that it was a good thing Dr. Evil wasn’t there, or we would have needed a stool for him to reach the shelf during the elf on a shelf exercise.

We put the coupons back and then finished in the convalescent center with 6MOM:

Crunchy Frogs x15
Box Cutters x15
Freddie Mercury’s x15
Hammers x15

Announcements/Prayer Concerns

Remember Sludge and those going through Pilgrimage next weekend. Pray for their hearts to be opened and spirits to be calmed as they go through the weekend for the life-changing experience.

Epstein led us out.

Always an honor to lead, gentlemen. Thanks for the opportunity.


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