Workin’ to Stay on the Outside

15 PAX including
Mulligan, Water Wings, Deliverance, Sludge, Checkbook, Blue Hen, Elaine, Radar, Wham-O, Spucoli, Fortran, Giselle, Dr Evil, Flounder, and the QIC (Epstein) convened in the gloom behind the bathrooms for shelter from the wind dressed more warmly than was called for by the temps where the cardio demand would not be nearly as high as the one promised by Dean. Mass confusion and talks of the legality of what we were about to participate in ensued immediately as we moseyed across Cherry St toward the cozy confines in front of the Kernersville Music Acadamy… who knew this was here?

Goofballs x 20 IC + Copperhead Squats x 15 + High knees x 15 IC +LBC x 20 IC + Sun gods x 15 IC (reverso) + Hillbillies x 15 IC
The Thang began with a new exercise that would unknowingly represent my theme song for the day since I couldn’t shake the earwork from doing Paula Abdul’s (two stipes forward, one stripe back, burpee) behind the Pierce Jefferson Funeral Home.

There happens to be a very attactive grass hill a few short strides from where we’ve been meeting that (until today) no PAX had taken advantage of. The hill provided extra zing for our Thang!

Elevens (I mean sevens) – hill mosey (up and down) with CDD IC at top of hill

YHC admits this was quite a bit more than I wanted to do for the thing, but didn’t realize that until the 7’th down then up the hill when Omaha was called. EC to any PAX that finished eleven hill runs (CDD don’t count though Dr. Evil!)

This got us to another round of sevens

Merkins (bottom of hill) with low dolly IC (top of hill)
another round of Paula Abdul’s got us to Mary, where we completed our workout with the following:
Side plank push-ups x 12 IC (reverso) + Low dolly x 25 IC + Pickle pounders x 15 IC + SSH x 25 IC + American Hammers x 25 IC

Announcements: Call a brother you have not seen in a while (EH consistently!), Prayers for our brothers that are unable to make it out for health reasons.

Always an honor!


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