2019-02-13 Ivey Backblast

Tarde, Shear Conn (Soul mate), Crawdaddy, Serta, Tramp Stamp, Kryptonite, Crankbait, Gilmore, Fud, Duvet, Chipper, Dean (QIC)

12 PAX including the Q came out to see if we could hit 6,000 steps…And just to note as the Fake news (Bezos and Amazon Propaganda spewing) Washington post says, Democracy dies in darkness. So does the voting….Take that Bambi and Tarde…Despot Dean took the reigns…

And in the Gloom….
Despot Dean is Back

We started with a mosey to the end of the road for Warm-a-rama of:

Dean Vigodas (yes I’m vain)

Seam Rippers

Back Stretch

Then run between each light 1x SSH at first, 2x SSH at second, etc. All the way to shields road. Then back down but Squats increasing.

Then a mosey to the big parking lot for suicides with 3 merkins at each turn.

Then the longest Dips, Derkins, Step-ups. Go between concession stands, 2x.

Then run super long route to Mary’s to get to 5,800 steps or so. After Mary’s we did High knees until hitting 6,000 steps.

Random Musings:

  1. Shear Conn and Kryptonite had to do Burpees despite Dean’s promise of no burpees. That’s what you get for coming in first folks…EXTRA credit. Shear Conn accused Dean of growing up with Clinton as president…All I can say about that is the Clintons are Ross Perot’s fault, and I’ll never forgive old Rossy for that.

2. Tramp Stamp was giddy as a school girl after Duke came back from winning last night.

3. Anyone else notice how Serta always says Name-a-rama different? As a control freak and despot, I almost commanded burpees, until I said my own age wrong and had to do them myself…

4. Fud sounds like Darth Vader when breathing heavily. Absolutely fantastic! Wish I had that power. Good work Fud!

5. We hit 6000! Amazing achievement! Keeping with the Clinton theme…

6. Kryptonite was trashed as being an FNG…not cool…I think he just loves a good Dean Q….

Announcements/Prayer Requests

-Pray for those doing pilgrimage this weekend

-Pray for Bambi to get better! His back is sore from previous rugby injury per TARDE

-Also Thin Mint got into TEXAS A&M. Go Thin Mint…I mean it is the SEC, so substandard education, but fantastic ROTC. Great work Thin Mint!

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