Red White and Boom: Simplification Project

In an effort to simplify the lives of the Pax, a simple workout seemed to be needed. After Flounder did an excellent introduction/disclaimer along with a well-needed Warmarama, the Boot Camp Pax split from the Feats of Strength to find the warmth and dryness of a shelter on the far side of the park for…

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The Thang.

Based on a self-imposed workout in Raleigh last week, the routine was simple:

  • 25 Mountain Climbers, IC
  • 25 Merkins, on the Q’s count of “down”
  • 25 Alternating (right elbow, left knee…left elbow, right knee) LBC’s, IC

Repeato for 8 rounds–200 total of each exercise, but who’s counting?

Mosey to the next shelter for

Thang II.

  • Gorilla squats, weight on heels, looking up with slight arch in the back for proper form. 65 single count.

Mosey to Convalescent Center for


  • Freddie Mercuries, 25 IC
  • Dying Cockroach, 25 IC
  • American Hammers, 25 IC

The Pax will come from Flounder who had just enough space on his Jitterbug phone to get all of the video required.

Thanks for praying for the men of Central Prison. It’s a dark place, and they desperately need some light.

Gilmore led us out.

I hope you got enough….


Dr. Evil

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