Red, White and Boom Monday – Feats of Strength

Backblast – Feats of Strength 2/11/19 Noticing there were no FNG in the crowd I decided to skip the standard disclaimer and head start to the cul-de-sac for W-A-R where 21 PAX (Boones Farm, Special Ed, Flipper, Sludge, Checkbook, Slice-N-Dice, Water Wings, Wham-O, Gilmore, Man Hands, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Red Hot, Dean, Deliverance, Shear Conn, Florida, Fortran, Pacer, _______ (Sorry missed one because my jitterbug phone ran out of storage) and Q Flounder. Whomever I missed, please except my apology and reply so you can be accounted for.

Warmarama  – Seal Jacks, Abe Vigoda’s, Cotton Pickers, Chinook Squats

After W-A-R 5 PAX (Deliverance, Epstein, Man Hands, Flipper and Flounder) headed to dry ground under the convalescent center to start the Thang while listening to Contemporary Christian workout music just in case Crankbait was present which he wasn’t! Thanks to @Flipper for joining Feats of Strength for the first time. Hope you got enough.

Thang – A Spartacus workout  (10 stations) 1 minute at each station with a 20 second rest while changing stations –  2 rounds

1- Goblet squat w/ 35 lb barbell 2- Mountain climber 3- Single arm milk jug swings (15 ea) 4- Merkin to a T up w/ 5 lb dumbbells (alt) 5- Split jumps (alt) 6- Bent over rows w/ 15 lb Dumbbells 7- Side lunges w/ 10 lb dumbbells – touchdown (alt) 8- Plank rows w/ 12 lb dumbbells (alt) 9- Lunge w/ 10 lb dumbbells w/ a twist (alt) 10- Squat to Overhead press w/ 10 lb dumbbells

Dr Evils group joined us for Mary, Prayer concerns and Gilmore lead us out. See Dr. Evils Backblast for details.

Always an honor

Aye, Flounder