Backblast: Red,White&Boom, Brady’s revenge

PAX: Wham-O, Deliverance, Fudd, Duvet, Epstein, Water Wings, Serta, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Flipper, Sheer-Con, Boones Farm, Crawdaddy, Dean, Bambi, Special Ed, Tarde, Man Hands, Flounder, Crankbait, Gilmore (QIC)

The PAX were forewarned that the routine and count would be based on the outcome of a game………….ummmmm???????????



3 Burpees OYO

13 Cotton Pickers

13 Abe Vigodas, NOT cardio style

13 Plank Jacks

mosey to track for Thang 1

Run 3 laps total, after lap 1 – 13 burpees, after lap 2- 13 Bobby Hurleys and after lap 3 – 13 Burpees

mosey to bus benches for Thang 2

starting at benches complete 13 of the following exercises, after each set mosey to the hand rails and complete 9 (3×3) Big Boy sit ups, mosey back to benches for next round

ecxercise 1 – 13 derkins

exercise 2 – 13 dips (tclaps to the PAX who did these IC)

exercise 3 – 13 step ups, each leg

mosey to ampitheater for Thang 3

starting at ampitheater complete 13 of the following exercises and then mosey to porticature for 9 (3×3) mountain climbers IC

exercise 1 – 13 Derkins

exercise 2 – Irkins

exercise 3 – 13 high/low and 13 low/high merkins

Mosey to bball court for partner suicides

Partner 1 ran suicides, partner 2 completed an exercise I cannot remember, I do remember we ran this twice.

The boys from the Feets of Strength joined up for Mary


16 (13+3) Dying cockroaches IC

16 Cindy Crawfords IC, switch sides and repeato

16 Pretzel Crunches IC, switch sides and repeato

16 Hammers


Tclaps to Dr. Evil, Radar (and his M), Tarde and Shutterfly for making cookies on Sunday for Kairos, and to Crankbait for organizing a clothing distribution drive

Scouts are having food drive, see Man Hands, Tarde or Crawdaddy

Prayer Concerns

Dr. Evil at Kairos, pray for ALL participants

Wham-O’s friend fighting cancer for 2nd time, Wayne

Praises to FloRida and Special Ed for an inspirational word about leadership

Sprinkler’s mother in law

Dr. Evil prayed us out.

THANK YOU for the opportunity to lead!