Backblast: Poison Ivey – Wrath of Conn – Log PT

9 Hearty Pax showed up for Log PT this am: Dean, Serta, Cooter, Crankbait, Duvet, Crawdaddy, Bambi, Trampstamp, Shear Conn (Q)

WOR in Lower Parking Lot: 20 SSHs, 20 Cotton Pickers, 15 Hillbillies, 10 Chinooks each way, 10 Sun gods each way

Next paired up and grabbed the toothpicks.

With toothpicks on shoulders, each pair moseyed to the big parking lot and completed two rectangular circuits around the lot as follows:

10 Overheads (Raise log up and bring down on opposite shoulder – 10 reps)

Lunge to middle island, then walk to far corner island

10 Squats

Bear crawl while rolling log to next island

10 curls

Lunge to middle island, then walk to far corner island

Bear crawl while rolling log to next island.

Rinse and Repeat circuit with 15 Reps

Taking a break from the logs, we did an Indian Run down the hill, around the soccer field and back to the logs.

With logs on shoulders, we moseyed back to the lower lot.

Armed with a speaker this time, Shear Conn cranked up “Sail” by Awolnation. Laying on back, hold the log up over chest. (Bench presses for EC.) For each “Sail”, bring log down to chest and sit up. (20 total)

MARY: 20 Low slow flutters, 10 Cindy Crawfords each side, 32 Hammers

Announcements: Praise to Crankbait and his merry group of 10 that delivered clothes to the homeless last weekend.

Prayers for Dr. Evil and Shutterfly as they minister to the incarcerated. (Please sign up for prayer chain on Q spreasheet.)

Concerns for abortion laws being considered/passed in Virginia.

Not mentioned, but praise for Crankbait’s ability to tote a log this morning. (No longer known as Cripplebait.)

Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor.

PS: Let me know if you have any ideas for log PT in the future, or if we should just have a bonfire as was suggested a few times this morning.

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