BACKBLAST: Pain in the Park 2/2/2019

12 PAX including YHC found the will to take a recovery day at the park. Lucky Charms, Fortran, Radar, Water Wings, Epstein, Mulligan, Boones Farm, Gilmore, Flo Rida, Checkbook, Doubtfire, Special Ed (Q)

I need to break from the BackBlast for a moment and explain why I am YHC for today. I read, and re-read Flo Rida’s post to 2ndF from Jan 25th over the last few days about leadership: “Has F3 made you a better leader? At work? At home? In the community?” 

I was able to answer yes. Although it is up to others to judge the effectiveness, I am a leader at work; also F3 has brought a closeness to coworkers that powers our ability to achieve things together. F3 has made me a better husband and father at home. I am a leader in my church….but all that left me selfish as well. Through some injuries over the last 1 1/2 years I selfishly looked at all of you PAX to carry the leadership role of F3 Qs… I thought to myself, “I do all this other leading at work, home and at church, F3 should be where I can relax, sit back, and let someone else do the heavy lifting….” Boy am I wrong. ”
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. ” The PAX is stronger if I am stronger, and I become stronger the more I sharpen my ability to lead…..

So as I looked at the Q sheet Friday at lunch and realized it was empty for Saturday, I had a choice. I could do what I have been doing as of late, close Google sheets and let someone else do it and maybe not even post, as I had “just led already this week”, or I could do something about it….

Now, this isn’t an attempt to place anyone in a position to question their willingness to lead. That’s not my point. My point in writing this is to share a journey I am on, and to know you all are a part of that with me

Warm A Rama

Hillbillys 22IC

CopperHead Squats 11IC


Toy Soldiers 11IC

Cotton Pickers 11IC

The Thang

Mosey to the parking lot above the baseball field

PAX were instructed to partner up, run opposite each other (clock-wise, counter clock-wise) to the sign at the top of the lot, perform the following

11 BooYah Merkins, 11 Bobby Hurleys, 11 Peter Parkers IC, 11LBCs IC, 11 High Knees IC

Run Opposite, meet back at start for 10s, 9s, then 8s,….all the way down to 1s.

Mosey to Bus Son of a Benches

Partner A 11 Step ups each leg, Partner B Balls to the Fence at Football Field FlapJack

Mosey to Outdoor Amphitheater

Partner A to perform Counterclockwise, Partner B to perform clockwise:

Counterclockwise: 2 backward hills, 11 dips, 11 Dying Cockroach

Clockwise: 11 Dying Cockroach, 11 dips, 2 backward hills

Meet for 11 Monkey Humpers

Mosey to Convalescence Center

Partner Step ups to top of table, Partner Monkey Humpers, then step ups to Squats

Mosey to Basketball court

Low Slow Flutters 22IC

Cindy Crawfords 11IC

Freddy Mercury’s 11IC

Hammers 11IC


Praise to Gilmore for being our Sugar Ray today

Sprinkler needs moving help for a friend next weekend

Prayers for Dr Evil’s Prison Weekend

Prayers were said leading us out

Thanks for the opportunity

Special Ed