Leaving the house this morning, Fudd suddenly appeared in the back seat of my SUV that I left warming up on the driveway. (Good thing I was wearing my brown pants.) After gaining composure, we headed on our way to find two lost souls on the side of the road – Duvet and Trampstamp. We invited them to join us on our merry adventure and headed into the gloom together.

At the park: 28 PAX showed up in the gloom this morning: Epstein, Lucky Charms, Dean (Soulmate), Chipper, Boones Farm, Tenderfoot, Water Wings, Tarde, CrippleBait, Duvet, Elaine, Checkbook, Far Side, Serta, Flipper, Trampstamp, Fudd, Slice n Dice, Deliverance, Flounder, Fortran, Dr. Evil, Spicoli, Gilmore, Pacer, Mulligan, Whamo (Hiding in the shadows – almost missed him in the COT)

and Shear Conn (Q).

With no FNGs, we moseyed to the school yard for WOR: 20 SSH, 20 Cotton Pickers and 20 Hillbillies.

It was sometime during the warm up that Flipper was wondering how he ended up in this forsaken frozen landscape from his home in sunny Miami.

Next moseyed to the Amphitheater for a 3 round circuit: 15 Erkins – run to sidewalk for 15 WWIIs, lunge from porte co to steps, back to benches and repeat second round with Derkins & Bobby Hurleys, third round with Dips & Lt. Dans.

Next on to the carpool for Dirty Deeds. (If you used your imagination, you could almost hear ACDC singing the song – Better speaker next time) One merkin for each “Dirty Deeds” + one plank jack for each “Done Dirt Cheap”

After a 10 count from Fudd, we headed to the rails for 10 big boy sit-ups, run to monkey bar for 10 pull-ups, run back to rails – Rinse and Repeat. (There was some discussion about how many PAX the monkey bars could hold. Epstein said he would volunteer to calculate the capacity, but they didn’t have a class to determine the dynamics of swinging apes at Virginia Tech. Perhaps one of us NC State engineers will have to determine that. We’ve had experience with chimps dressed in purple and yellow loading our field goal to capacity ….)

With a few minutes to spare before Mary, we moseyed to the back parking lot for 10 exploding squats, bear crawl to the opposite end for 5 burpees. This seemed to be a real crowd pleaser.

On to the BBall court for Mary: 30 Hammers, 15 Cindy Crawfords each side, 10 low slow flutters.

COT: Sprinkler’s mother in law (Julia) received great news about her cancer treatment. (Tumor has shrunk.

Crankbait will post information to Slack regarding Toto’s return journey home. Please visit the website and donate to their effort if you feel led.

Dr Evil’s coworker’s husband (Jerry) having surgery this morning for a procedure to address symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. Please pray that all goes well.

Praise for Far Side’s mother who received emergency assistance from neighbors.

Tarde (late with his announcement in true fashion) requested that any willing volunteers show up at 10:00 am on Saturday at Next Step Ministries on 66 in Kville to help unload a truck. Should take no more than 30 minutes and will be greatly appreciated. Bring family to help. Stop at Bojangles for a biscuit afterwards.

Crankbait is distributing clothes to the homeless Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Contact him if you would like to help.

Dr. Evil led us out.

Always an honor.

Shear Conn