2019-01-25 Flashbang Friday ED Backblast

33 total pax suffering from ED decided to show up to see if there was a cure. With Pharmacies not yet open, it was up to YHC to help…The PAX were Sprinkler, Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Kay, Serta, Tenderfoot, Boone’s Farm, Elaine, Crankbait, Red Hot, FloRida, Deliverance, Wham-o!, Checkbook, Epstein, Squidward, Crawdaddy, Fortran, Flipper, Tarde, Duvet, Flouder, Slice and Dice, Water Wings, Radar, Mulligan, Sludge, Special Ed, Far Side, Dr. Evil, Spicoli, Pacer, Dean (Q)

After learning there were no FNGs, we skipped the disclaimer and headed for the cul-de-sac for Warm-o-rama of:

15x Pacer Lead Side Straddle Hops. The cadence included ABC’s and was impeccable.

Image result for 123 abc gif

Then Sprinkler was asked to lead whatever he wanted so long as it was in cadence. He has been studying hard, so it was great. He even trolled the “even and equal count” PAX by doing uneven sun Gods…Some PAX questioned whether or not this one exercise would last more than 4 hours. Below is how Sprinkler has been spending his time lately with the cadence study work.

Image result for study hard gif

Then for Crawdaddy led Matt Biondis. Inspirational as always

Image result for matt biondi gif

Lucky Led us in some Frankensteins, Lucky style of course, I.E. moving…Bringing back the old days for him…

Image result for nazi march gif

Then I called for Radar to do some seam rippers. And Radar, in his typical Ron Swanson style pretended not to be there…

Image result for ron swanson gif

Then for Abe Vigoda’s Thin Mint style. Since thin mint wasn’t there, I was able to do it for him and modify the speed from 100 MPH to 70 MPH

We then Moseyed to the shelter for 20x Himalayan humpers, 20x step-up each leg, and 20x Dips. Here is Dean trying to get the PAX in line for the humpers

Image result for herding cats gif

We then moseyed to the tennis courts for partner wheel barrows down and back (Modify to lunge as needed). Then crab walks down and back. Old folks were forced to run extra. In between the two rounds Water Wings led us in some copperhead squats

Image result for no respect elder gif

We then went to the bus parking lot for suicides with 10x dips each line. several PAX grew impatient with YHC and began early

Image result for false start gif

We then moseyed to the track for 2x laps and 2 sets of 10x pull-ups.

Then a mosey back to the shelter for 20x step-ups each leg with high fives at the top with your partner. Then 20x derkins. And Serta led us in some exercise that I already forgot.

Image result for high five gif

Then a mosey to the basketball court for marys

Cyndy Crawfords – Several PAX warned new PAX NOT to watch the Q

Crunchy Frog – Dr. Evil noted Dean’s amazing form improvement

Dying Coachroaches



Announcements: Sludgefest tomorrow 6:30. Bring Gloves, hats, jackets, etc. for Crankbait.

Pray for Far Side‘s daughter (among having to put up with a Friday only dad, she’s transferring). Pray for Sprinkler‘s mother in law and cancer treatment. Pray for Checkbook‘s friend having surgery on back today.

Final Musings:

Whamo led us in some exercise, but I forget when. ALSO, I DID prepare and below is my weinke to prove it, and you can see it’s officially time stamped. I went from memory and got close, but I did have to “tarde” in a few things. I also really wanted to tunnel of love, but the opportunity wasn’t there with the large showing of PAX. Not enough space on the “soft” floor at the playground.

Gilmore took us out

An Honor to lead us through ED,